47 collocations for ope

"Fool!" cried Beltane, and threw up his hand to stay the blow, and in that moment Sir Pertolepe oped his eyes.

Alas, my lords, once they do ope the gates" "That can they in nowise do!" said Sir Benedict gently, but with face grim and hawk-like.

If Thou Thy blood so lovingly didst pour, Let not that bounty fail or suffer dearth, Withholding Faith that opes the doors of heaven.

If thus thou wert born thou well mayst scorn to ope those lips of thine, That out should fly a treacherous lie, to meet a word of mine.

These lines from Comus show to whom he wished to speak: "Yet some there be that by due steps aspire To lay their just hands on that golden key That opes the palace of eternity.

Black discontent, thou urgest to revenge: Revenge opes not her ears to poor men's prayers.

THE DONKEY Donkey, donkey, old and gray, Ope your mouth and gently bray; Lift your ears and blow your horn, To wake the world this sleepy morn.

So wealthy mines, that ages long before Fed the large realms around with golden ore, When choked by sinking banks, no more appear, And shepherds only say, The mines were here: 60 Should some rich youth (if Nature warm his heart, And all his projects stand inform'd with Art) Here clear the caves, there ope the leading vein; The mines, detected, flame with gold again.

This can unlock the gates of Joy; Of Horror that, and thrilling Fears, Or ope the sacred source of sympathetic tears.' III.

I gaze upon this picture fair, And find strange beauty mirrored there; Its magic spell with power is fraught, To ope the fount of hidden thought.

Oh! that we could but pierce the siren guise, Spread out before the unsuspecting mind, Which, conscious of its innocence within, Treads on the rose-strew'd path, but finds, too late, That ruin opes its ponderous jaws beneath.

Marke but the flow'rs That now as morning fresh, fragrant and faire, Lay ope their beautys to the courting sunne, And amongst all the modest mayden rose: These wanton with the aire until unleavd They die and so loose their virginitie.

They ope their hand to every pay, And you and me by turns betray.

Then mysser-like I sought to ope the myne And fynde the treasure, whereuppon I wanne Your inmost frendshipp, which with joy attaynd In seekinge for a sparke I found a flame, Whose rychnes made me admyratyons slave And staggerd me with wonder.

Each lock and every bolt he tries, In every creek and corner prys, Then opes the chest with treasure stored, And stands in rapture o'er his hoard;

There be others which do likewise open during the day, albeit when night cometh, they close themselves up until the sun do appear, when they again ope their beautifulness.

Above them silence lours, Still as an arctic sea; Light fails; night falls; the wintry moon Glitters; the crocus soon Will ope grey and distracted On earth's austerity: Thick mystery, wild peril, Law like an iron rod: Yet sport they on in Spring's attire, Each with his tiny fire Blown to a core of ardour By the awful breath of God.

Maeonides nullas ipse reliquit opes Sponte suâ carmen numeros veniebat ad aptos, Et quod conabar scribere, versus erat.

Numerianus coming then to hear Of the event, assuming in his wrath, That 't was Polemius who had oped the path Of freedom for his son and for the maid, Has not an hour delayed, But follows them with such a numerous band, That, see, his squadrons cover all the land.

Semper, eris pauper si pauper es, Aemiliane: Dantur opes nullis nunc nisi divitibus.

"Nash, Rutledge, Jefferson, in council great, And Jay, and Laurens oped the rolls of fate; The Livingstons, fair freedoms generous band, The Lees, the Houstons, fathers of the land.

I finished the beer wot the actor 'ad left, and, arter telling the landlord I 'oped his eyesight 'ud be better in the morning, I went outside, and arter a careful look round walked back to the wharf.

"The sun had drunk frae Kieldar Fell His beverage o' the morning dew; The deer had crouched her in the dell, The heather oped its bells o' blue.

Ah, the bride will shine Like blazing stars, if she will ope its lid!

I know that well, for were I not assur'd Of your performance in this enterprice, I would not ope the closet of my brest, To let you know my close intention.

47 collocations for  ope