100 collocations for ordains

There he was ordained priest, and there he founded a chapel in honour of St Edmund.

To whom God commanded to ordain to them a king, and so he did, for he took a man of the tribe of Benjamin whose name was Saul, a good man and chosen, and there was not a better among all the children of Israel, and he was higher of stature from the shoulder upward than any other of all the people.

In which time he commanded him to make many things, and to ordain the laws and ceremonies which now be not had in the new law.

The fourth year of Claudius the emperor, Peter came to Rome, and sat there twenty-five years, and ordained two bishops as his helpers, Linus and Cletus, one within the walls, and that other without.

Christ prayed but 'If it may be,' knowing well He might not shun that cup so terrible: His angel answered, that the law sublime Ordained his death.

And another day he went out and found two of the Hebrews brawling and fighting together; then he said to him that did wrong: Why smitest thou thy neighbor? which answered: Who hath ordained thee prince and judge upon us?

I have ordained thee above and master upon all the land of Egypt.

They ordained a fast.

And so on a late winter afternoon in the quiet of the Council-House, Joel Rae was ordained an Elder after the order of Melchisedek; with power to preach and administer in all the ordinances of the Church, to lay on hands, to confirm all baptised persons, to anoint the afflicted with oil, and to seal upon them the blessings of health.

This being no longer possible, the first public ordination of Trevecca students took place at Spa Fields March 9, 1783, when Mr. Wills and Mr. Taylor ordained six young men to the work of the ministry.

Peter, James, and John ordained Joseph Smith here on this earth, and Joseph ordained the twelve.

Thou shalt no more be called Abram, but Abraham, for I have ordained thee father of much people.

Anon then Raguel commanded his servants to fill again the pit that they had made ere it waxed light, and bade his wife to ordain a feast, and make all ready that were necessary to meat.

God never would have ordained such a thing.

Be thou of other mould; and know that such Transporting pleasures were by Heaven ordained Wisdom's relief, and Virtue's great reward.

A fortnight before Stephen's death Theobald ordained him deacon, and gave him the archdeaconry of Canterbury, the first place in the English Church after the bishops and abbots; and he must have taken part under the Primate in the work of governing the kingdom until Henry's arrival.

Then when he had slept that night, he ordained gifts for to send to his brother, goats two hundred, kids twenty, sheep two hundred, and rams twenty; forty kine and twenty bulls, twenty asses and ten foals of them.

He ordained the courtesies of courts, and observed high state in a very splendid fashion.

This morning we were up betimes, Mrs. Locock having ordained a bear "honk"!

she appeals to Nature, to the winds And rolling waves, the sun's unwearied course The elements and seasons: all declare For what th' Eternal Maker has ordained The powers of man: we feel within ourselves His energy divine: he tells the heart He meant, he made us, to behold and love What he beholds and loves, the general orb Of life and being; to be great like him, Beneficent and active.

Such a code is at issue with true democracy, which requires that every soul, being equal in value in view of its unknown future, shall receive the benefit of every doubt in earthly life, and be left as a being in the hands of the secret power that ordained its existence in the hour when nature was constituted to be its mode of birth, consciousness, and death.

This Lameth took two wives, Adah and Zilla; of Adah he gat Jabal which found first the craft to make folds for shepherds and to change their pasture, and ordained flocks of sheep, and departed the sheep from the goats after the quality, the lambs by themselves, and the older by themselves, and understood the feeding of them after the season of the year.

Speaking of the law which ordained the flogging of peasants for taxes, he wrote: "There is but one thing to saythat no such law can exist; that no ukase, or insignia, or seals, or Imperial commands can make a law out of a crime."

If destinies ordain me happiness, I'll chase these mists of sorrow from my heart With the bright sun of mirth; if fate agree To't[490], and my friends must suffer misery,

But God will ordain their harvests as it pleaseth Him.

100 collocations for  ordains
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