123 collocations for outgrown

Perhaps, amid the noble and disinterested toils of the expedition, his heart would outgrow all love for me, and when we met again I should see my power was gone.

Have we outgrown religion?

He has not outgrown childhood in that respect.

I have outgrown your stage; but I was once such as you, and all my sympathies are with you yet.

Helen seems to mean a fair, tall girl, slender and graceful, and rather willowy; and Bumble is just the opposite of that: she's round and solid, and always tumbling down; at least she used to be, but she may have outgrown that habit now.

She had sent away her maidenstheir weeping vexed her ears Their pallid faces filled her with impatient pitying scorn; But she kept one time-worn woman, who long had outgrown fears, The old brown nurse who held her son the day that he was born.

If they are not real mates; if they have outgrown their usefulness to each other; the sooner they part the better.

My own honest impression at this stage would be that he is in some danger of outgrowing his strength.

"When her own little ones outgrow her care, she is always watching for a chance to annex at least one member of any new litter in her neighborhood.

And therefore the marvellously gifted statesman had always a weary gloom in the deep caverns of his eyes, as of a child that has outgrown its playthings, or a man of mighty faculties and little aims, whose life, with all its high performances, was vague and empty, because no high purpose had endowed it with reality.

It is here too that his astrological opinions are most clearly manifested; for Campanella was far from having outgrown the belief in planetary influences.

It is a mistake to suppose that "literary merit" can be imparted to drama by such flagrant departures from nature; though some critics have not yet outgrown that superstition.

John smiled or thought he smiled, as he came forward to be presented once more to Sir Timothy's wife; but he was, nevertheless, rather pleased to find that he had not outgrown the power of being thus romantically attracted.

Though he was never, in the full sense of the word, a profound thinker, his openness of mind, and the moral courage in which he greatly surpassed Maurice, made him outgrow the dominion which Maurice and Coleridge had once exercised over his intellect; though he retained to the last a great but discriminating admiration of both, and towards Maurice a warm affection.

Already the business has outgrown its quarters.

She had long ago outgrown the period where ambition or passion, or its partners, envy and hatred, were springs of action in her life, and simply retained a mild enjoyment in the exercise of an old habit, with no active malice whatever.

ithis lot was cast in times when Portugal was outgrowing the traditions and methods of his family.

That ancient code of law would have acted, we may imagine, as a kind of catechism of the rules laid down by the State for the conduct of its citizens, and as a reminder that though the State had outgrown the rough legal clothing of its infancy, it had from the very beginning undertaken the duty of regulating the conduct of its citizens in their relations with each other.

And a tender boy who wears his rusty cap and outgrown coat, that he may secure the coveted place in college and the right in the library, is educated to some purpose.

The colored man must outgrow his old condition of things, and thus create around him a new class of associations.

He had to a certain extent outgrown his very delicate conscience.

Of a dozen small kittens, the subjects outgrew the controls rapidly in activity, size, intelligence, and resistance to intercurrent disease.

I felt that I had outgrown such correction, nor had I deserved it; and I told her that she should never, never strike me again.

New York society, he knew, reflected much that was bad, and much that was good of the gay worlds of Paris and London; for Americans are unexcelled in the talent of imitation, but from phrases that had passed Olga's lips he knew that she had outgrown her own country.

It has outgrown anthropomorphic deities, and it leaves us face to face with Nature, open to all her purifying, strengthening inspirations.

123 collocations for  outgrown
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