63 collocations for outlast

So are the ages interwoven; and one may safely guess that the ploughthat very type!will outlast many generations of tanks.

From time to time the shock of some great blast of air would seem to rock upon its foundations even that ancient pile, those heavy walls of hewn stone builded in times of honest workmanship by forgotten Sieurs de Montalais who had meant their home to outlast the ages.

" "Friends," said Beltane, "'tis by doings such as this that men do learn each other's worth: so shall the bonds betwixt us strengthen day by day, and join us in accord and brotherhood that shall outlast this puny life.

His Contrat Social might not, perhaps, in the eyes of a committee of philosophical Rhadmanthus's, atone for his occasional admiration of christianity: and thus some crime, either of church or state, disfranchise the whole race of immortals, and their fame scarcely outlast the dispute about their earthly remains.

The mule, too, is well suited to plantation labor, and will outlast a horse at it.

Then the caprices of fashion, which in England are so various and despotic, have here a more limited influence: the form of a dress changes as long as the material is convertible, and when it has outlasted the possibility of adaptation to a reigning mode, it is not on that account rejected, but is generally worn in some way or other till banished by the more rational motive of its decay.

The polished pillar different sculptures grace; A work outlasting monumental brass.

The maternal outlasts the adulterous.]

A people commemorating the past in a form that should outlast the future.

This is the secret of small mules outlasting large ones on the prairies.

I also now see clearly that I would not have left her if I had had a complete certainty that her feelings would outlast all changes in her life.

Once started on a subject, Percival rarely quitted it until it was exhausted; and consequently these interviews sometimes outlasted the leisure of his listener.

But his fancy for her had scarcely outlasted his capture.

"No race would outlast a millenium without her.

Poets and philosophers and statesmen thus spring up in the country pastures, and outlast the hosts of unoriginal men.

The furniture is simple, but solid; it was made to last, and most of it has long outlasted the first owners.

Maternal affection is discountenanced as a purely animal instinct, a survival from a lower grade of organisation, and does not generally outlast a ten years' separation; while paternal love is utterly scouted as an absurdity to which even the higher animals are not subject.

He had outlasted divers and many periods when catastrophe might have overwhelmed them, and now that the blackness which had shrouded a thousand unseen risks and perils had been swept aside, an almost overpowering reaction claimed him.

Happily, these deep and solid forces of Nature are calculated to outlast the heyday of the blood, and to redeem its errors.

Yet, more, he knows not the real Ireland who cannot feel within that woe the heart of power and joy,the strong life outlasting darkest night,the soul that throbs incessantly under all the calamities of the visible world, throughout the long tragedy of our history.

On the second of May, his corpse was with much ceremony interred in Westminster Abbey, and the excellent author of the Tatler, has given such an account of the solemnity of it, as will outlast the Abbey itself.

It began before the bramble was chosen king of the trees, and it has outlasted the cedars of Lebanon.

But it is now even betting that the Mesopotamia laundry-work will outlast the duration of the War.

For there are some offenses that must outlast the longest oblivion, and a forgiveness that will be more necessary than God's own.

A very sanguine temperament may find in its novelty some compensation for its discomfort, but the novelty rarely outlasts the second day, while the discomfort seems to increase in a direct ratio with the length of the experience.

63 collocations for  outlast