85 collocations for overflowed

Before the cone was built, a flood of rough vesicular lava was poured into the lake, cutting it in two, and, overflowing its banks, the fiery flood advanced into the pine-woods, overwhelming the trees in its way, the charred ends of some of which may still be seen projecting from beneath the snout of the lava-stream where it came to rest.

He would, he said, overflow the land of Persia with blood, and take possession of the throne!

A small matter will overflow a heart charged with sorrowa chance word, a look, some little office of kindnessand so it was with mademoiselle's bouquet and gentle kiss.

Every year it overflows the whole country, leaving behind it a rich coat of mud, which makes Egypt the most inexhaustibly fertile land in the world; and made the Egyptians, from very ancient times, the best farmers of the world, the fathers of agriculture.

"Therefore, thus saith the Lord God, Judgment will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place."

And with that Christian brake out with a loud voice, Oh, I see him again; and he tells me "When thou passest through the waters, I shall be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee."

"Ah, as these waters rise and overflow their bounds," said he, "'tis so with all throughout the empire; and who is he that can alter the state of things?

She would not allow Camilla to pump for herself, but flew to the handle with such energy that the white water gushed out in a flood, overflowing Camilla's cup, spattering over on her fingers, and sparkling on the sheer white of her hemstitched cuffs.

For talkers, once launched, begin to overflow the limits of their ordinary selves, tower up to the height of their secret pretensions, and give themselves out for the heroes, brave, pious, musical and wise, that in their most shining moments they aspire to be.

She knew, too, the simply human, not masculine, interest which Mr. Bernard took in Elsie; he had been frank with Helen, and more than satisfied her that with all the pity and sympathy which overflowed his soul, when he thought of the stricken girl, there mingled not one drop of such love as a youth may feel for a maiden.

They had reached among themselves a state of law and union, confused and weak, perhaps, yet secure enough to enable them once more to overflow their boundaries and become again the aggressive, intrusive race we have seen them in earlier days.

It was at Dijon that the insurrection began; on the 20th of April, the peasantry moved upon the town and smashed the furniture of a councillor in the Maupeou Parliament, who was accused of monopoly; they were already overflowing the streets; exasperated by the cruel answer of the governor, M. de la Tour du Pin: "You want something to eat?

Tears of gratitude overflow my eyes, that Godthe God of Gods, should condescend to such a worm as I.By a letter from my Richard to his father, I am encouraged to believe the Lord is again working upon his mind.

Great floods happened twice during this year, and the Tiber overflowed the fields, with great demolition of houses and destruction of men and cattle.

I walked down the busy High Street that night in Cologne, and the bright shop-windows with their chocolates and fruitapples from Canada and Hood Rivercrowded cafes, people overflowing sidewalks into the narrow streets somehow reminded me of the cheerful Bordeaux I tramped through in November.

And the kindliness of the Jew overflows the line of division between him and the Gentile.

The roof is sustained by one great central pillar of polished marblesmall pillars clustered about a great central column, which rises to the ceiling, and there gushes out with various beauty, that overflows all the walls; as if the fluid idea had sprung out of that fountain, and grown solid in what we see.

To the man who plays well, the highest stakes are paid, with that sort of overflowing generosity with which the strong man shows delight in strength.

This valley, after what we had seen, did not give us much pleasure; its appearance on the whole being sterile, though after leaving Luz as far as Esterre, the brightness of the fields and trees, and the splashing of the water overflowing the miniature mill conduits, made a pleasant landscape.

And before I'm able to judge of the sincerity of her pity, the tears will overflow, my throat contract, and we'll wail in unison....

Lay by your books awhile, and breathe again, As in those days gone by, the country air, The sweet, calm country air, where perfume floats Like love that finds no heart so godlike large Can clasp it wholly in its one embrace, But overflows creation with its bliss.

Beautifully candid, his laminae separate readily before the tranchant silver, and each flake, covered with a creamy curd, lies ready to receive the affusion of molten (not oiled) butter, which, with its floating oyster-islands, seems in impatient agitation for the moment of overflowing the alluring "white creature," as a modern poet styles it.

I could see now that a couple of hours or so earlier, the water must have poured through there when it first overflowed the creek.

"Oh, Arthur, you have come to me!" Their lips found each other, the great mass of dark brown hair almost overflowed the light brown curls, and their glad tears mingled.

Every smallest state of consciousness, concretely taken, overflows its own definition.

85 collocations for  overflowed
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