148 collocations for overhear

"Because I wish to be quite certain that no one overhears our conversation.

I have placed this entrance here as by his first speech Bellmour obviously overhears Leticia's words, 'Blest be this kind Retreat'.

The elder PEYTON, who runs the hotel, overheard Mr. P.'s remark, and stepping up to him, said: "Sir, you should not be so particular about your food.

But she could not overhear their talk.

It would seem, however, that Sir Ralph Smith remains on the stage, and is supposed not to overhear the dialogue which ensues between Francis and Will.

A damsel at service in the President's house overheard the discussion, and found means to warn the young delinquent of his danger; for she, as well as most people who came within the sphere of his attraction, felt kindly toward him.

I overheard a young lady of my acquaintance, at a dance in Edinburgh, exclaim in a sudden pause of the music, "What you say, my Lord, is very true of love in the abstract, but," here the fiddlers began fiddling furiously, and the rest was lost.'

No sooner were the two apart from the pressure of the crowd, and in a place where no eaves-dropper could overhear their discourse without detection, than the stranger stopped.

I told them how I had overheard the plan of Faruskiar and his Mongols, when it was too late to stop it, but I was silent regarding the intervention of Kinko.

As Ham told Joe, the old fire-eater had overheard the plots and saw his chance to do Joe a favor.

As if he had overheard her the man half turned and calmly examined the group.

" "Will they wear their revolvers at the dance?" asked Beth, overhearing this speech.

More than one of the Indians spoke English, and, not unfrequently, the Tories or British officers came to visit Thayendanega in his own lodge, when we could overhear a goodly portion of the conversation.

"I believe you are the president and treasurer of the Almaquo Timber Tract Company, are you not?" Joseph looked startled, and then embarrassed, as he overheard the question.

[Footnote h: Sir Joshua Reynolds evinced great reach of mind and intimate acquaintance with humanity, when he observed, on overhearing a person condoling with some ladies on the death of one who had conferred the greatest favours upon them, that at all events they were relieved from the burden of gratitude.

She overheard a little girl talking or singing, and was mightily taken with the tones of her voice.

He had Tisbina with him; and as they were coming along, they overheard their neighbour during one of his paroxysms, and stopped to listen to what he said.

It is barely possible that by some accident he overheard the scene through the local telephone, if there was one in the room.

But he being urgent with her to exchange a vow of love with him that night, she said that she already had given him hers before he requested it; meaning, when he overheard her confession; but she would retract what she then bestowed, for the pleasure of giving it again, for her bounty was as infinite as the sea, and her love as deep.

But we had not been long in the Room, before I overheard the meritorious Gentleman above-mention'd say with an Oath, There is no Raillery in the Thing, she certainly loves the Puppy.

As she came round again, Tom could not but overhear a little that passed.

Juke wasn't the member of that crowd I should personally have selected to discuss fashionable and overpaid livings with, had I just accepted one, but they were the only two parsons in the room, so I suppose Potter thought it appropriate, I overheard pleased fragments such as 'Twenty thousand communicants ... only standing-room at Sunday evensong,' which indicated that the new parish was a great success.

LADY B. I overhear thee, Hubert.

"What if the pirates overhear your transmission, Zip?

I overheard a visitor telling my mother of some young lady, whose figure they had been admiring, that she was nothing at all without her corsetsa complete dumpling; and then followed a long digression on the impropriety of imposing upon the public in this manner; but for that I did not careI determined to impose upon them too, as soon as I got a chance.

148 collocations for  overhear