397 collocations for overtake

It was a mystery, a portent, a premonition such as overtakes a man sometimes in the dark passageways of life.

Before the warm weather had made the earth dry enough for easy travel, messengers came in from Nauvoo to overtake the party with fear-exaggerated tales of outrage, and to urge the chief men to hurry back to the city that they might give counsel and assistance there.

He was restrained, however, by Agrippa, who feared that they might not overtake the fugitives, who would probably use sails, and he also felt some confidence of conquering without much effort because meantime a squall of rain with large quantities of spray had driven in the face of Antony's fleet alone and had created disturbance all through it.

Knowest thou of any retreat where he will not follow and overtake thee?

When the great calamities of life overtook their friends, these last were spoken of as being a good deal cut up.

Captain Trent and the thirty men who were with him, hearing from the Indians of the disaster which had overtaken their companions, marched back to meet us, and joined us the next day.

He endeavored to formulate some plan as to just what he would do if he did finally manage to overtake the woman and her party, but at length ceased trying.

The two trains were traveling about fifteen miles apart, when one morning while Simpson was with the rear train, he told his assistant wagon-master, George Woods and myself to saddle up our mules, as he wanted us to go with him and overtake the head train.

Eager to overtake the girl, he sped along as quickly as possible.

The ascent of the ridge commenced soon after leaving camp, and I had not gone far up it before I overtook the carts that the folks could not pull through the snow, here about knee-deep.

It is well known that the largest fishes will, with the greatest ease, overtake a ship in full sail, play round it without effort, and shoot ahead of it at pleasure.

We followed the trail the next day for awhile, but as it become evident that it would be a long chase to overtake the enemy, and as we had rations only for the day, we commenced the return.

"I trust you won't think me intrusive, gentlemen," he began in his sharp mode of speaking, "but you will understand I am very much upset and horribly perplexed by the terrible fate which has overtaken my poor brother.

Being unsuccessful, however, in overtaking the Indians, and getting nearly out of provisionsit being our eighteenth day out, the entire command marched towards the nearest railroad point, and camped on the Saline River; distant three miles from Buffalo Tank.

He overtook that young lady before she reached the Bentley home.

The whole body came like water down a chute, but one part of the front wall spilled out ahead and then another, and then the top, overtaking the rest, toppled crashing to the bottom.

On the third night a great storm of wind and snow overtook the Ghaznian army in the desert.

The English pursued them as far as they could go for the swamps, and overtook the rear of the detachment, killing sixteen of them.

Col. McKenney, struck with "the coach-and-six" sort of style of this kind of conveyance, determined to take a seat with me, and relying upon our speed and capacity to overtake the heavy boats, we embarked a day later.

" Bidding them all good-bye, and with many thanks from the mother and daughters, I mounted my horse and soon overtook the column, happy in the thought that I had done a good deed, and with no regrets that I had saved from pillage and destruction the home and property of a confederate and his family.

"Learn, as if never overtaking your object, and yet as if apprehensive of losing it.

Every few moments Captain Graham would ride up to see if the trail was freshening and how soon we should be likely to overtake the thieves.

Both of them in the end attributed the disaster to practically the same cause, the speed mania which has overtaken the nations, the heedlessness of man's over-confidence which takes risks so many times successfully that it grows to forget that risks exist.

Should they meet with one of those sudden calms which frequently overtook vessels off the bay, they knew they would be lost.

Before reaching the village she overtook a traveling-carriage going at a walking pace down the hill.

397 collocations for  overtake