152 collocations for pants

"It'sit's thatthat Nanny goat Amanda Peabody!" cried Laura, panting a little, for she had indeed been in a hurry.

A quick, panting breath behind her, and the sound of hurrying feet, caused her to turn her head; she fully expected to meet the gaze of some big dog, but instead a man was close upon her, dusty, travel-stained, his straw hat pushed back from a perspiring face and a hand stretched out to detain her.

There knowledge breathes in balmy air, Not wrung, as here, with panting breast: The wisdom born of toil you share; But he, the wisdom born of rest.

Have no fear!" panted the voice, with an undertone of fervent gratitude in its breathless accents.

"Now, then," panted the young man, "which way?

"Just a few minutes more," panted Andy at length.

She panted up the hill, and as she went she paused ever and again, to rest her bundle and get her breath and stare back at the little cottage beside the pine-wood below.

So the struck deer in some sequestrate part Lies down to die, the arrow at his heart; There, stretch'd unseen in coverts hid from day, Bleeds drop by drop, and pants his life away.'

"I say we've found it," panted Bruce, redoubling his efforts.

"Here is this bepraised couplet: "When panting virtue her last efforts made, You brought your Clio to the virgin's aid.

He hunts Watling Street like a gentle spirit; the avenues to the play-houses are thick with panting recollections; and Christ's Hospital still breathes the balmy breath of infancy in his description of it!

he panted, hard-breathing, "see yonder where my good Hacon spurs in to our reliefha, mighty lance!" "Ah, Benedict," cried the Abbess, pale-lipped but calm of eye, "of what avail?

I insist on giving you a cheque for the total amount of the rent due to you from the day when you first entered this house.' 'Oh, Mr. Rymer!' panted the good woman, turning pale with astonishment.

"Hasn't been home all night," panted Mrs. Kingdom, joining them.

Where are you going?" "Oh," panted Jack, "it's one of the keepers!

'Hehe's my prisoner,' panted Ken. 'Andand, sergeant, did Norton get back?' 'He did.

"Here is this bepraised couplet: "When panting virtue her last efforts made, You brought your Clio to the virgin's aid.

Caesar, meantime, with panting tongue, was eying the decapitated St. Denis, asking himself, one would say, how even a saint could carry his head in his hands.

"Butwhat areyou doing?" panted Mrs. Teak, in a rising voice.

"Ascend, dog of a dog!" panted Kasheed.

Arden of Feversham, I. i. "Whilst on the planchers pants his weary body," Shakespeare (Measure for Measure, iv. 1) has "a planched gate.

" The little man was struggling and panting sometimes breaking into a trot to keep up with the immense strides of his companion.

Lyke as a huntsman, after weary chace, Seeing the game from him escapt away, Sits downe to rest him in some shady place, With panting hounds, beguiled of their pray, So, after long pursuit and vaine assay, When I all weary had the chace forsooke, The gentle deer returnd the selfe-same way, Thinking to quench her thirst at the next brooke.

"Oh," panted Mrs. Brewster when they came to a standstill at the bottom of the slope, "is there anything in the world half so exciting and delightful as coasting?"

"She got off at the wrong station," panted Kathleen at the foot of the stairs, "and had to be driven five miles, or she would have got here as she planned, an hour before we did.

152 collocations for  pants