42 collocations for parched

They found a place where the Winnebagoes had encamped, and they parched the corn that lay scattered on the ground.

Sky and water brightened while he swam; and as he rose, wrapped in the leaden weight of dripping clothes, the sun, before and above him, touched wonderfully the quaggy bank and parched grasses.

Their shattered corslets yield defence no more At length they breathe, defiled with dust and gore; Their gasping throats with parching thirst are dry, Gloomy and fierce they roll the lowering eye, And frown defiance.

One day no beggar came to her house, so by noon she got tired of waiting, and, tying in her cloth some parched rice, she went to the place where the women drew water.

The breath came heavily from the heaving chest, and the blue orbs looked dimly from their half closed lids, while the little sufferer, with burning hand and parched lip, seemed struggling for that life that it had enjoyed but for so brief a space.

As a general rule, the more dry and parched the heat of the surface, the more urgent the necessity for the application of the cold, and the more frequently and fearlessly ought it to be renewed,every hour or half-hour not being too often.

With bared, bruised feet and aching limbs and parched tongue he hurried, on, walking, running, as he could, dragging himself at last into the presence of the court at the very moment when the scales of justice were trembling for the downward plunge, and spoke the words that checked the course of legal crime, that placed the chains of hopeless toil upon his own weak limbs, but that gave the worldanother hero!

Many of them had been fighting since that morning, and nothing parches tire mouth so much as biting cartridges.

All the ardent sunshine of successive summers that had parched this land flowed through their veins, and lent them a new beauty and animation, as they walked under the sky forever blue, glowing with the clear flame of eternal love.

'I thought we should have a fall there ere long,' Ratsey went on, 'what with this drought parching the ground, and the trampling at the edge when we move out the side stone to get in, but there is no mischief done beyond what can be easily made good.

I wish all the ink in the ocean dried up, and would listen to the quills shivering up in the candle flame, like parching martyrs.

For when the drought has parched the field, The clouds that overcast my heart Shall rain in every season yield.

Angels in the early morning May be seen the dews among, Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying: Do the buds to them belong? Angels when the sun is hottest May be seen the sands among, Stooping, plucking, sighing, flying; Parched the flowers they bear along.

Dryness is apt to parch the fount of expansiveness.

Bad harvests, long and severe winters, and scorching summers which parched up all the fruits of the earth, required extraordinary exertions of industry.

When the glasses are empty the company calls for desert; for the opium-drinker must always have his "kharbhanjan" or bitter taste remover; and the landlord straightway produces sweets, fruit, parched grain, or sago-gruel known as "khir" according to the taste of his customers.

And later, in August it may be, When the meadows parching lie, Beware, lest this little brook of life Some burning noon go dry!

They came beneath the tree; and, seating themselves at its foot, proceeded to refresh themselves with food and water, that looked tempting to the eyes of the fasting and parched Lincoya, as he gazed noiselessly and attentively at their proceedings, and listened to their discourse.

Though there the graves lie parching Stayed Sherman's miles of men; From charred Atlanta marching They launched the sword again.

Had you a friend so desperately sick, That all physicians had forsook his cure; All scorched without, and all parched up within, The moisture that maintained consuming nature Licked up, and in a fever fried away; Could you behold him beg, with dying eyes, A glass of water, and refuse it him, Because you knew it ill for his disease?

Greedy and parched old parent of thousands of devils!

On the Continent it is cultivated for soups, as well as for other preparations for the table; and among the presents which David received from Shobi, as recounted in the Scriptures, were beans, lentils, and parched pulse.

Thy course was natural, not forced, as in a hot-bed; nor didst thou go poisoning the breath of ocean with sulphureous smokea great sea-chimæra, chimneying and furnacing the deep; or liker to that fire-god parching up Scamander.

In heat the landscape quivering lies, The cattle pant beneath the tree; Through parching air and purple skies The earth looks up, in vain, for thee; For theefor thee it looks in vain, Oh, gentle, gentle summer rain! Come thou, and brim the meadow streams, And soften all the hills with mist, Oh, falling dew!

The punishment was gibbeting alive, and exposing the delinquents to perish by the gradual effects of hunger, thirst, and parching sun; in which situation they were known to suffer for nine days, with a fortitude scarcely credible, never uttering a single groan.

42 collocations for  parched