268 collocations for parting

I pushed the dugout back suddenly, and gave him, as I felt safe again, a double war-whoop that seemed to astonish him, for he quickened his pace mightily, as if quite as glad to part company as I was.

The Spanish captains then solicited guides and men of labor for his journey over the sierras, which the cacique bestowed willingly, adding provisions in great abundance, and they parted friends.

She was casting about for some reasonable phrase in which to clothe the statement that it would be better he should stop the car and let her out; she had parted her lips to ask him to take the wheel, when they rounded a turn and came upon a company of loom-fixers from the village below.

He was the first of the golden youth of his set to adopt the then reviving mode of parting the hair on the middle of the head.

Rudolph groaned aloud, rose, and had parted the curtain to run out and fall upon them all, when suddenly, close at hand and sharp in the general din, there burst a quick volley of rifleshots.

Laughter and the sound of voices led them to the summer-house, and as they parted the syringa bushes they looked through them and surprised the charming group.

And when the lips of Nelly Lebrun parted a little, he knew that she was in the trap.

" Sam and I parted the best of friends, and, I need not say, on the best of terms I could get.

No, Heaven forbid, I am too good a Christian to part Man and Wife; but being naturally inclined to works of Charity, I will with one project I have in this noddle of mine,make old Francisco a Cuckold, accommodate my Lord and Julia, serve you, Sir,and give our selves a good Scene of Mirth.

I am not the person to be sent for, when the state wishes to part two lovers!"

But Beltane shook his head: "I'm fain to see why they laugh," said he, and speaking, stole forward soft-footed amid the shadows; and so presently parting the leaves, looked down into an open dell or dingle full of the light of the rising moon; light that glinted upon the steel caps and hauberks of some score men, who leaned upon pike or gisarm about one who sat upon a fallen treeand Beltane saw that this was Giles the Bowman.

She scrupulously parted her scanty grey locks above her polished forehead, and cared not how wide the parting grew.

When Leith spoke again, his voice sounded so near that I started involuntarily, while Holman, resting upon one hand, parted the branches with the barrel of the revolver which he gripped in the other.

To part such true love, Robin, it were sin.

The gulf already opes, That soon will keep thee to thy fear, And part thee from thy hopes.

When the framers of the Constitution met in high convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, a Connecticut Yankee, John Fitch, was then also working in Philadelphia upon his steamboat; but twenty years were to pass before the prow of the Clermont was to part the waters of the Hudson, and nearly a half century before transportation was to be revolutionized by the utilization of Watt's invention in the locomotive.

But, like a steddy ship, doth strongly part The raging waves, and kcepes her course aright, Ne ought for tempest doth from it depart, Ne ought for fayrer weathers false delight.

He cannot part the two things.

But now as he stood staring after her beyond all thought amazed, a white hand parted the leafy screen and the Duchess stood before him.

"First young love,parting gift,Cousin Harry proves fickle,Aunt Linny banishes the Button-Rose from her window,takes to books, and educating naughty nieces, and doing good to everybody,'bearing to live,' as more heroic than 'daring to die,'in ten years gets so that she can speak of it with composure, as a lesson to romantic girls.

The domestics, who had been for some time listening to the dispute, on hearing the scuffle, ran in and parted the angry combatants, who, like an abscess just lanced, were giving vent to all the malignant humours that had been so long silently gathering.

Or his account of the huge spiders that prey on bluebottles and gilded flies in green pathless forests; or of the great Pacific Ocean, that the natives look upon as the gulf that parts time from eternity, and that is to waft them to the spirits of their fathers?

At first, Rudolph thought the city loud and brawling; but resolving this impression to the hideous shouts of his coolies parting the crowd, he detected, below or through their noise, from all the long cross-corridors a wide and appalling silence.

[510] Skink issues from the hermit's house in the disguise of the man whom he is supposed to have cured, and as he leaves, addresses parting words to the hermit within.

till the crowd behind Shouting pursue, and part the bloody fray.

268 collocations for  parting
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