214 collocations for pated

I muttered, and bent to pat his head.

The tears had dried on Mrs. Kaufman's cheeks, only her throat continuing to throb and her hand at regular intervals patting the young shoulder pressed to her.

" "You very foolish boy," said Billie, patting his hand affectionately.

" She patted his cheek confidingly.

and as she showed some signs of a desire to pat his hair he rose, sat down to the piano, greatly to her disappointment, and filled up the rest of the time by improvising (from memory).

Then indeed, he fell to a walk, patting Nora's neck affectionately and begging her to forgive him for his thoughtlessness.

Luckily for him," she went, patting his arm, "he sent home for me a fortnight ago, and sent a draft for my expenses out.

He, too, knelt down beside them, and put his arm about the girl again, and patted the dog on his head.

She slipped from the saddle, patted the horse, and murmured a word or two of endearment; but her bright eyes flashed round the court-yard with a glance of responsibility.

And every Sunday he dressed in a black suit and sung in the choir, and patted the little children on the head, and was generally respected.

' "I patted 'im on the shoulder arter we 'ad shook 'ands, and we stood there smiling at each other and paying each other compliments.

" He patted the animal's nose and seized the bridle to lead Dobbin back to the pasture from which he had started.

Remember ..." He patted significantly the pocket which held the revolver, and turned back to Harris.

" She patted his face softly, as it rested on her shoulder; but he made no reply save by an absent, half-audible whistle.

She stoops down and pats the earth together again with her hands.

"I dunno," sighed Arizona, patting his fat stomach reminiscently.

As soon as they perceived we had discovered them they began to repeat the word itchew (friend) and to pat their breasts, thereby intimating that their visit had no hostile motive.

My father patted his coat gently and sighed.

All gaze at him with unspeakable emotion, as, with the rope cast from him, he pats his dear old friend, opens her half way, shuts her again, and the while smiles with ineffable tenderness.

Nohe pointed to his eyes, which were bloodshot, patted his forehead to suggest that it was throbbing, rubbed his legs, and scowled.

They are here," she added, patting the hand-bag affectionately; "let us go upstairs and burn them.

There was a cheval glass, that miracle of art, in which he could just see his own wondering head, and the reflection of Dolly, plumping and patting the pillows of the bed.

And she patted the air condescendingly with her left hand.

"Berg, come here, boy!" Sheila patted her knee.

Well said, little one," cried Robin Hood, patting the boy on the head.

214 collocations for  pated
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