101 collocations for pausing

Quickly, I reached the head of the stairs, and paused a moment.

He didn't come head foremost, nor glancing upward, but rose square up to the surface, and pausing a single instant, darted forward like an arrow and seized the fly.

I know this old lady is the very image of that pretty old lady with the toys for good children, who was in the last Christmas number?" "Oh!" said Connie, pausing a little.

" "Aye," said General Wolcott, and then paused a brief second, for his wife's death, had been the forfeit paid for Moppet's birth, and this was one reason why the child had become the family idol.

Here, from necessity, they paused a few minutes, and listened attentively.

In a little while, she rose, and taking up the letter, went out to find Adam; but remembering that he had gone to Cranbrook with Small Porges, she paused irresolute, and then turned her steps toward the orchard.

And we must pause ere we call such utterances mere Eastern metaphor.

" Rowena busied herself with her work; and when Mrs. Fewkes repeated her appeal, the girl looked out of the window and paused a long time before she answered.

She is my good angelmy darlingmy" Here he paused abruptly, and leaning back upon his pillows rather enjoyed than otherwise the look of disappointment plainly visible on Maggie's face.

As Wharton paused uncertainly the young man, disdaining his audience, in a shrill, nasal tenor raised his voice and sang: "

He paused a moment, his eyes on the ceiling.

Then, as though he had paused only a comma's space, the Colonel went on: "I've been trying to put the memory of her behind me, as a sane man should.

" Here paused the MUSE,across the darken'd pole Sail the dim clouds, the echoing thunders roll; The trembling Wood-nymphs, as the tempest lowers, 470 Lead the gay Goddess to their inmost bowers; Hang the mute lyre the laurel shade beneath, And round her temples bind the myrtle wreath.

They entered the living room and paused on the threshold, Larry's arm still around the girl.

They paused, the chief in the van, with their bows and arrows and tomahawks in readiness for instant use.

Hast thou a charm to stay the morning star In his steep courseso long he seems to pause On thy bald awful head, O sovran Blanc?

" She paused breathless but he could find nothing to say.

Before these two sickening probabilities the boy paused motionless, helpless.

She, alone, remained to view Mr. Woods with newly opened eyes; for as he paused impatientlythe sculptured Eagle above his headshe perceived that he was a remarkably handsome and intelligent young man.

[He pauses.] ELECTOR.

The interest which Des Esseintes felt for the Latin language did not pause at this period which found it drooping, thoroughly putrid, losing its members and dropping its pus, and barely preserving through all the corruption of its body, those still firm elements which the Christians detached to marinate in the brine of their new language.

Even now when he paused expectant and eager, waiting for some comment or exclamation of approval or joy from her, she was silent for a while, and then said in a stolidly inquiring tone: "Then after to-day ...

She paused on the steps, a lovely figure.

He knew the way to the room designated, and went hurrying on until he reached the door, and there he paused, his flesh creeping with the intensity of his excitement, and his whole being pervaded with a crushing sense of eager expectancy.

One flight up they paused at a door marked "D", upon the panel of which was a rack bearing a card printed with the word "Doyle.

101 collocations for  pausing