52 collocations for pawns

His wife pawned her jewels; on several occasions it is said that she even went into the street to beg a few pennies for their supper.

He was in debt, had fraudulently drawn cheques when he had nothing at the bank to meet them, and was so reduced to poverty that he had pawned his watch and his case of surgical instruments.

He got into debt, and pawned his clothes in order to procure the means to go to taverns and places of amusement.

It is clear enough who pawned the glass.

and sober, till the poor devil went stark, staring mad, and would have pawned his very soul to tell her that he loved her!

Mazzini again became a fugitive, and in 1837 found his way to England, without money, without friends, without influence,a forlorn exile fraternizing with doubt, sorrow, and privation; struggling for more than a year in silence; so poor at one time as to be compelled to pawn his coat and boots to keep himself from absolute starvation, for he was too proud to beg.

However, I do not blame those who sought safety in flight; each person is free to do as he pleases; what I object to is your coming back and saying, "During seven or eight months you have done no work, you have been obliged to pawn your furniture to buy bread for your wife and children; I pity you from the bottom of my heartbe so kind as to hand me over my three quarters' rent."

He had pawned all his personal property, his books and his surgical implements, and was still in debt.

And full of Coxcomb dress and ogle high; | Seem to receive their Charge, and face about, I'll pawn my life they never stand it out.

I'll pawn my wits, that is, my revenues, my land, my money, and whatsoever I have, for I have nothing but my wit, that they are at hand.

Warned by an anonymous letter that his wife had pawned her diamonds for the benefit of Lagors, the banker came upon them when they were together in Lagor's rooms.

How often pawned her Sunday gown and shawl, to redeem that coat without which Adolphe cannot appear before the examiners to-morrow morning?

She has pawned a heap of clothes, and promises to leave every day; but Mrs. Myers hasnt got rid of her yet.

That these articles be true, we pawn our honours, and subscribe our names.

I'll pawn the hopes of all my love, to see You safe.

Two days later he had pawned his surgical instrumentsredeemed and repawned his watch on more favourable termsand was rejoiced to find himself still the possessor of ten shillings.

"He spent on you what he got by pawning his jewelry, by gambling, and sometimes by not eating.

"If," he writes, "you can raise a large sum of money by pawning my kingdoms for that purpose, I am content you should do it; and if I recover them, I will fully repay that money.

So it came that I had to pawn my lands to the Priory of Emmet for more money, and a hard bargain they drove with me in my hour of need.

They are not to be blamed for pawning the library.

Said Widow Decaux is well known in New Orleans as a notorious swindler, having been prosecuted for having pawned logs of wood to a merchant of this city instead of dry goods.

He is transforming her material life by his American savings, for they are accumulating into a capital widely distributed in native hands, which will dispense the nation from pawning its richest mines and vineyards to the European exploiter, and enable it to carry on their development on its own account at this critical juncture when European sources of capital are cut off for an indefinite period by the disaster of the European War.

That to procure the latter, they would sell their presents, pawn their ornaments, &c., and, I verily believed, were their hands and feet loose, they would pawn them, so as to be forever after incapable of doing anything towards their own subsistence.

With him may be placed the Norman duke Robert, whose carelessness had lost him the crown of England, and who had now pawned his duchy for a pittance scarcely less paltry than that for which Esau bartered away his birthright.

A few weeks ago she pawned a silver pitcher to one of our neighbors for five rubles without her husband's knowledge.

52 collocations for  pawns