126 collocations for perished

Thus perished a man who, with Curt von Stedingk, had received the order of Cincinnatus from the hands of George Washington, and who once was so near saving Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette from their cruel fate.

Best did this last course appear to him, though with some danger, as that which was more honourable and savoured more of strife and self-exertion, than to perish without a struggle the passive victim of cold and the elements.

Is it not then better to perish a thousand times than to be unable to live in one's own city without a guard of armed men?

So "perish the roses and the flowers"how is it?

So perished the most infamous woman that ever wore a royal diadem, as had been predicted.

LEONIDAS, king of Sparta from 491 to 480 B.C.; opposed Xerxes, the Persian, who threatened Greece with a large army, and kept him at bay at the Pass of Thermopylæ with 300 Spartans and 5000 auxiliaries till he was betrayed by EPHIALTES (q. v.), when he and his 300 threw themselves valiantly on the large host, and perished fighting to the last man.

With Astyages perished the Median Empire, which had lasted only about one hundred years, and Media was incorporated with Persia.

" It is impossible for those who have definitely accepted Christ's salvation, and who truly realise His love to perishing sinners, to be idlers in His vineyard.

With the earl perished two thousand of the Britons, every man hardier than his fellows.

They have perished all but two lines which are found prefixed by way of motto to the Idyls: [Greek: de/xai ta\n a)gatha\n ty/chan, de/xai ta\n

Even of these, several have already perished; and in the hands of Robespierre, and half a dozen others of equal talents and equal atrocity, but less cunning, center at present all the fruits of so many miseries, and so many crimes.

So perish all the enemies of the Lord, caught in their own snare!"

But though they rise not so high above the water, they go down a long way below it; so that there is fifty fathom right up to the cliff, and many a good craft out of reckoning in fog, or on a pitch-dark night, has run full against that frowning wall, and perished, ship and crew, without a soul to hear their cries.

I have just sent it to bring the remains of a poor creature to the grave, who having been turned out of the only shelter she had, a miserable hut, perished the night before last in a quarry.

For, in the language of John Quincy Adams, the champion of the right of petition, "The slave is not permitted to cry for mercyto plead for pardonto utter the shriek of perishing nature for relief."

The roll of Shelley's publications is a long one for a man who perished not yet thirty years of age.

With their prince, Don Sebastian, perished the flower of the Portuguese nobility and chivalry of that time.

When she came back to the road with a useless, already perishing mass of white, the pony had disappeared.

With him perished the hopes of the kingdom.

It would look like a City Romance, to tell them of the generous Merchant who the other Day sent this Billet to an eminent Trader under Difficulties to support himself, in whose Fall many hundreds besides himself had perished; but because I think there is more Spirit and true Gallantry in it than in any Letter I have ever read from Strepkon to Phillis, I shall insert it even in the mercantile honest Stile in which it was sent.

"Perish the thought!" "IIReally, sir" "I pay twenty-five dollars a week to office-boys.

How Vitellius was taken and perished (chapters 20, 21).

With her also perished the seventy sons of Ahab, all indeed that survived of the royal house of Omri.

Neither dame nor damsel got her living from that pyre; and on the same day perished the king's wife, who was so marvellously fair.

And he who, with Plato, shall place beatitude in the knowledge of God, will have his thoughts raised to other contemplations than those who look not beyond this spot of earth, and those perishing things which are to be had in it.

126 collocations for  perished