64 collocations for perpetrate

It did not seem possible that any man of birth, breeding and social position could be so contemptible as to perpetrate an act of this character.

A German would never perpetrate such monstrous crimes, and that we can say without any overweening opinion of ourselves.

But how stall I describe, in numbers rude, The pangs for poor Chrysomitris decreed, When from her secret stand aghast she viewed The cruel spoiler perpetrate the deed? 'O grief of griefs!'

"If we are to perpetrate this outrage at all," insisted Bundy, pulling in calculation at his little chin-whisker, "let us do it thoroughly.

Cardinal Amat, who had given notice of his arrival, came the day after; and the armed commons escorted him to the palace at the very time when the villains were perpetrating their murders.

This had been going on for some time when Earle S. Goodrich, the editor of the Pioneer, heard of it, and he accordingly made preparation to perpetrate a huge joke on the Minnesotian.

But if you commit the first act, on the other side of the line; if you begin the outrage by buying him from a third person against his will, and then tear him from home, and drag him across the line into the land of Israel, and hold him as a slaveah! that alters the case, and you may perpetrate the violence now with impunity!

" If the Turkish Nationalists had confined themselves to economic weapons, the Turks' economic ineptitude would have prevented them from doing serious harm; but by abusing the political and military powers of the Ottoman State to perpetrate the recent atrocities they have struck a mortal blow at the prosperity of Western Asia.

When she was obliged to sell it herself she felt that she was personally perpetrating a wrong on the milliner.

Influence must be brought to bear, and Father Peter must be prevented from perpetrating a gross injustice.

" [Footnote 101: It is sometimes interesting to preserve the names of individuals who have perpetrated bold and unusual enormities.

The government of Naples had sworn to maintain a free constitution, but had disgracefully and without compunction violated every one of its conditions, and perpetrated cruelties and injustices which would have appalled the judges of imperial Rome, and defended them by a casuistry which surpassed in its insult to the human understanding that of the priests of the Spanish Inquisition.

Yes, indeed he did; he perpetrated that atrocious pun, and wasn't a bit ashamed of it.

When he thinks that the death of Caesar ought to be revenged, he is threatening with death, not those only who perpetrated that action, but those also who were not indignant at it. XIX.

When she had come to be quite at home among us, I used to fancy that Priscilla played more pranks, and perpetrated more mischief, than any other girl in the community.

When the trial was ended, and Kit found guilty, Richard bore the lad's fainting mother swiftly off in a coach he had ready for the purpose, and on the way comforted her in his own peculiar fashion, perpetrating the most astounding absurdities of quotation from song and poem that ever were heard.

It had been left practically unexplored ever since the days when the bloodthirsty Koyukons came down out of their fastnesses and perpetrated the great Nulato massacre, doing to death with ghastly barbarity every man, woman, and child at the post, Russian or Indian, except Kurilla, not sparing the unlucky Captain Barnard or his English escort, newly arrived here in their search for the lost Sir John Franklin.

ACTS constitute protection; and is that public sentiment which makes the slave 'property,' and perpetrates hourly robbery and batteries upon him, so penetrated with a sense of the sacredness of his right to life, that it will protect it at all hazards, and drag to the gallows his OWNER, if he take the life of his own property?

On this occasion the terrorists of the city perpetrated another shameful crime against the working classand the law.

There she can perpetrate libels whenever she pleases.

Why, sir, as I understand it, this is the only weak spot your action has shown; you have taken an inoculation of Quixotic conscience from our transcendental apothecary and perpetrated a lot of heroic behavior that would have done honor to four-and-twenty Brutuses; and now that you have a chance to do something easy and human, you shiver and shrink at the 'looks o' the thing.'

A workman, leaning close to me against the fireplace, said in a low voice to one of his comrades that the People must not be reckoned upon, and that if we fought "We should perpetrate a madness.

An English gentleman, who was in all the agonies of a rough and tedious passage from Folkestone to Boulogne, was especially irritated by the aggravating nonchalance of a fellow-passenger, who perpetrated all manner of bilious feats, in eating, drinking, and smoking, unharmed.

If ever I perpetrate matrimony the participant in my degradation will be a fully developed mannot a hobbledehoy who falls in love, as he terms it, on an average about twice a week.

What misdeed have I perpetrated!

64 collocations for  perpetrate
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