785 collocations for persuading

"Which wouldst thou prefer, carpentering or trying to persuade thy fellow-men to give up drinking, and to become teetotalers?"

"I was trying to persuade my people to move on to the bank in spite of them, when a young half-caste Portuguese sergeant of militia, Cypriano di Abren, who had come across in search of beeswax, made his appearance and gave the same advice."

'Tis well; and Sister, Whilst I persuade Erminia to this flight, Make it your business to persuade the King, Hang on his neck, and kiss his willing cheek: Tell him how much you love him, and then smile, And mingle Words with Kisses; 'twill o'ercome him Thou hast a thousand pretty Flatteries, Which have appeas'd his highest fits of Passion: A Song from thee has won him to that rest, Which neither Toil nor Silence could dispose him to.

He has persuaded my father that you are an unbeliever.

Nothing, however, could persuade mother to change her determination.

nowSixty Years ago, quoth yeAs old as I am I live without Surgeons, wear my own Hair, am not in Debt to my Taylor, as thou art, and art fain to kiss his Wife, to persuade her Husband to be merciful to theewho wakes thee every Morning with his Clamour and long Bills, at thy Chamber-door.

The young people declared themselves more than satisfied, and urged Mr. Hepworth so heartily to attend the performanceoffering him the choicest seats in the house and as many as he wantedthat he finally consented to come if he could persuade his friends at Boxley Hall to put him up for the night.

All the fellows tried to persuade the Master to greater leniency, but in vain.

"Miss Lydia says she's going to persuade her brother-in-law to furnish a kindergarten and a day nursery for the Hardwick Mill," she offered hastily.

His pleasure, however, was to wander about upon the hills, talking to half- mad and visionary peasants, or to persuade queer and conscience- stricken persons to deliver up the keeping of their troubles into his care.

Ah! how can one persuade our Parisiennes, all our French women, indeed, that woman's beauty lies in being a mother with an infant on her knees?

The poets of the time of Augustus vied with each other in persuading the world that the murder of Julius Caesar was the cause of all the prodigies that followed.

He said to me'I persuaded my wife to go.

Of course, as I said, nothing definite has passed between us, but" She giggled and simpered significantly; and Ida, trying to force herself to take some interest, fastened the collar for Isabel, and gently and with much tact persuaded that inartistic young lady to discard a huge crimson bow which she had stuck on her dress with disastrous results.

Finally, she persuaded a little girl, only six years old, to take her dusky face out of the long flowing veil of the nun, and show how quickly she could read a sentence that Sister Winifred wrote on the blackboard.

He had some trouble persuading John, who was a profound sleeper, that he must arise and go hence; but many things were strange to him, and he rose and dressed without very much protest.

As an example of this division of the oration into parts he quotes a long poem which persuades its reader to take up the cross.

Nay, I will forget it; I do not merit so much peace of mind, As the relation of that Dream will give me: Oh, 'twas so perfect, too, I hardly can persuade my self I slept!

This double motive influenced De Witt; and he persuaded the states-general to send Admiral Opdam with a considerable fleet to the Baltic.

If a painter had a picture to dispose of, he had only to take it to lord Timon, and pretend to consult his taste as to the merits of it; nothing more was wanting to persuade the liberal-hearted lord to buy it.

"He and I have at last persuaded our reluctant parents to send us to the military school.

When Italy was plunged in grief at the time of the Messina earthquake, the Austrian General Staff almost persuaded their Government that the moment had come to strike her down into the dust, and recover Lombardy and Venetia for Francis Joseph and Rome for the Pope.

As a pedagogical mechanism it endeavored to teach students to persuade an audience.

We talked of a violent contest which was then carrying on, with a view to the next general election for Ayrshire; where one of the candidates, in order to undermine the old and established interest, had artfully held himself out as a champion for the independency of the county against aristocratick influence, and had persuaded several gentlemen into a resolution to oppose every candidate who was supported by peers.

The commercial people, having command of the Press, and of the avenues and highways of public influence, do not find it at all difficult to persuade the nation that they are its representatives, and that their advantage is the advantage of all.

785 collocations for  persuading