69 collocations for photographs

R67261, 18Sep50, Georg Schock (A) HOW I PHOTOGRAPH INSECTS, by Paul Griswold Howes.

He photographs, so to speak, the same fair and foolish face twice over; and calls it a remarkable resemblance between cousins.

A staff officer of the Second Army who was with me photographed the scene; with other pièces de conviction; the photograph is in the hands of the Governmental Commission charged with investigating the crimes of the Germans during this war.

When he wants to imagine what an Englishman is like, he simply photographs the same German over again.

You see, Jervis, we have photographed the thumb-print in contact with a numbered micrometer divided into square twelfths of an inch.

From these properties two curious possibilities arose; namely, to see through opaque bodies, and to photograph the invisible.

Can the spirits of the dead be photographed, by Arnold Fountain [pseud.]

He photographs a Gypsy camp; a common, with its geese and donkey; a salt marsh, a shabby village street, or tumble-down manse.

Of course he photographed the Chancellor and his two sons, for he never missed an opportunity of getting distinguished people into his studio.

" "What is the object of photographing these cheques?"

Dr. Vogel's new process was not only no better in any respect, but the plates were insensitive to scarlet and ruby-red, and therefore would not photograph all colors in the true proportion of their brightness.

Murillo Velarde states that in 1708 some Palaos were wrecked in a storm on Palapag (north coast of Samar); and I personally had the opportunity, in Manila, of photographing a company of Palaos and Caroline islanders, who had been the year before cast on the coast of Samar by foul weather.

On one of the evenings on which we experimented in the vain attempts to photograph a 'double,' I dined with Madam C. and her friend at a neighboring restaurant.

he saidrather too cheerfully, they thought"you look as unhappy as the party of astronomers who went all the way to Africa to photograph an eclipse of the sun, and when the time came were so excited that they forgot to open the camera, and so took no pictures.

There is no more objections offered to photographing an execution than a cock fight, which is the sport about which the Filipinos are crazily absorbed.

Now, the person of the Tzar is so sacred that it is forbidden by law even to represent him on the stage, and as to photographing hima Russian faints at the mere thought.

she asked quickly, and fixed her blue eyes on Nino's face as though she wished to photograph the features in her mind.

The Egoist is the most Meredithian of the author's novels, and it displays most exuberantly his comic spirit, intent upon photographing mankind's follies.

Her father was for fifteen years the Censor of the unattached members of the University of Oxford, so that Mr. Dodgson had plenty of opportunities of photographing his little friend, and it is only fair to him to say that he did not neglect them.

Everybody hasn't an opportunity to photograph a group of elephants in full regalia carrying their owners' wives or daughters on shopping excursions or to visit friendsof course we didn't know which.

To-night Ponting has photographed the hand.

It was done; I had photographed Nicholas II., the Tzar of all the Russias! VII RUSSIA

Here is a nature so sensitive that it photographs every impression, an artistic temperament, a highly endowed organism; yet it produces nothing.

We put in an hour or two watching a moving-picture outfit photographing imitation Indians.

We had fully intended to climb the face of this almost perpendicular cliff, to explore the caves, and photograph the interiors with the aid of flashlights, but decided that the climb was too hard, and the ground too wet and slippery for safety.

69 collocations for  photographs
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