11 collocations for placard

This placarding was resolutely carried out; at several points our placards were posted by the side of the placards of the coup d'état, which pronounced the penalty of death against any one who should placard the decrees emanating from the Representatives.

The Hebrews placarded castration an unpardonable sin, making it a sin to castrate even animals.

In revenge, Steno placarded the doge's chair with some scurrilous verses upon the young dogaressa, and Faliero referred the matter to "the Forty."

Another girl passed her and pauseda girl also placarded, a girl with a strange beauty, somewhat tall, with form well rounded, with pale face full of the fascination of burning eagerness.

PASQUINO, a cobbler or tailor who lived in Rome at the end of the 15th century, notable for his witty and sarcastic sayings, near whose shop after his death a fragment of a statue was dug up and named after him, on which, as representing him, the Roman populace claim to this day, it would seem, the privilege of placarding jibes against particularly the ecclesiastical authorities of the place, hence Pasquinade.

The deputies and maires of Paris have placarded the following proclamation: "RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE.

The Hebrews placarded castration an unpardonable sin, making it a sin to castrate even animals.

The fact being now established to the satisfaction of the authorities that the public is composed almost exclusively of drivelling idiots, a campaign has been instituted for adding to the decorations of London by placarding the walls with hints on how to avoid various violent deaths.

With the slightest encouragement he would have placarded that arid wilderness with "NO SMOKING IN THE LIFTS," and "BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS," but he had small encouragement, and so he contented himself with a final placard which warned the troops against riding through standing crops and occupying the houses of civilians without permission from the Town-Major.

Michel, however, advised a beginning, but simply by placarding Article 68 of the Constitution.

There is a sparing strain in nature, and through the world, as a thread, is spun a silence which smiles, and on the end of events we find placarded large the words: "Why were ye afraid?"

11 collocations for  placard