1043 collocations for pleased

I am here, beyond doubt; and it has pleased and even now pleases God that I should be here.

With what scornful ease and mean instruments does it please thee to govern mankind!

I shut my eyes for a moment and tried to realize all that had happened to me; but nothing save a whirl through my head of disconnected thoughts seemed possible, and some force was upon me to open my eyes again, to see the blank room, the dull light, the vacancy round me in which there was nothing to interest the mind, nothing to please the eye,a blank wherever I turned.

At the meeting he spoke a little, and pleased the people.

"Anything to please the bold, bad man," she said.

"So dear, please your Majesty, that if they have but the name they will perfectly dispense with the thing.

I wait God's summons contentedly in my own house, or, if it please the king to call me out again, upon the field of battle.

" "Oh, Louis," and Evadne's voice was choked with tears, "the time may come when you would give the whole world to be able to please your father!"

Not in the mere grace of youth, which pleases the fancy at first; that must soon fade; and then comes, too often, coldness between man and wife; neglect, rudeness, ill-temper, because the grace of life is not therethe grace of the inner life, of the immortal soul, which alone makes life pleasant, even tolerable, to two people who are bound together for better or for worse.

May it please our Lord to give me health and a good voyage, as I hope again to bring very great news and discover the island of Trapodana, which is between the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Ganges.

IN SOME COUNTRIES, to please the epicurean taste of vitiated appetites, it is the custom to kill the calf for food almost immediately after birth, and any accident that forestalls that event, is considered to enhance its value.

Now this gentleman has not been used to severe labour (neither has the African in his own country); and being therefore unable, though he does his best, to please his master, he is roused to further exertion by the whip.

" I told him, when he should see these things in operation with his own eyes, as I trusted he would, if it pleased heaven to favour our undertakings, they would appear less strange.

The panier with which it pleases the ladies of the period to protuberate their persons was of Chinese origin.

From the very first I mistrusted him, only my wife somehow took a fancy to the fellow, and, as you know, if you want peace you must always please the women.

So, naturally, it pleased everybody.

As I hear, So I relate them, and they please my friends, By flow of wit and eloquence of thought.

Ay, Sir, I thank ye,pray, under the Rose, how does my Wife please his Grace the Great Turk?

"'I never,' said the Curé, 'take spirits; I always offer liqueurs to my guests but reserve the use of them, myself, to my old age, if it should please Providence to grant me that.'

It pleases the imagination.

Mr. Moffat prefaced his examination by the following words: "May it please your Honour, I wish to ask the indulgence of the court in my examination of this witness.

It would hardly be reasonable to attribute his laxity in rhyming to either carelessness, indifference, or unskilfulness: but rather to a deliberate preference for a certain variety in the rhyme-soundsas tending to please the ear, and availing to satisfy it in the total effect, without cloying it by any tight-drawn uniformity.

There was a swivel in the belt, so that the Dwarf would spin round while she was holding him, which he didn't like much, but which pleased the public.

His originality of style, too, pleased the audiences of working people whom he addressed.

An't please your Worship, I cannot tell.

1043 collocations for  pleased