33 collocations for plugging

Gandil, who had his second tryout in fast company, plugged the hole at first base which had worried Washington managers for some time.

The captain became as pale as death, and the gunners went on plugging out shells in an automatic way with grief-stricken faces.

If a farmer is so lucky as to procure one of these rare larvæ, he is to bore a hole in an ash tree, and plug up the unlucky caterpillar alive in it.

Whether practising the method of plugging the cavity or that of excision of the wall external to it, attempts to quickly obtain a new growth of horn from the coronet should be made.

There was Walker, of Contra Costa, plugged that young Sacramento chap, whose name I disremember, full o' holes jest ez

Well, Buck was one of Jim Silent's men, and they say Buck had tried to plug Dan before that.

"Mister Morgan, I got one hundred bones which holler that I can plug that dollar the second try.

They ain't going to be fair play in this room with you boys lined up waiting to drop Bull in case he plugs Dunbar.

"In addition to wearing the necklet, I had plugged my ears loosely with garlic, and as I did not intend to stay more than a few minutes in the room, I hoped to be safe.

"The schoolteacherhe plugged a feller named Quade.

"It might pay to plug that fellow, and I'd have risked it when I came here in the Mercedes.

Well, I see I couldn't plug up this flowin' fountain of tears with sympathy or reason, so we mogged along.

"It won't hurt your sales to plug my game.

It's a queer thing that a gent could have much pleasure out of plugging another gent full of lead.

On leaving camp in the morning, the man who carried the horn took from the fire a small live coal and put it in the horn, and on this coal placed a piece of punk, and then plugged up the horn with the stopper.

So I give him the job of plugging the hoss.

Simple though the operation may appear, and apparently rough in its method, it is nevertheless successful in effecting a cure in cases where blisters, plugging, injections, and other means have failed.

He lives in a street so narrow that it will admit no carriages; he pads the doors; plugs the keyhole; puts mattresses on the stairs.

Our forage supply necessitates that we should plug on the 13 (geographical) miles daily under all conditions, so that we can only hope for better things.

If necessary, soak in alum water a piece of absorbent cotton, which has been wound around the pointed end of a pencil or penholder; plug the nostril by pushing it up with a twisting motion until firmly lodged. 367.

Here I plugged her number on to mine, ran back, rangand, to my great thanksgiving, heard her speak.

How come, I've plugged a rattlesnake by just shootin' at the sound when he was coiled down where I couldn't see him.

For an hour a Belgian battery kept plugging shots towards the enemy's lines.

If I had dimples," she added, spitefully rattling a handful of knives and forks into the dishpan, "I'd plug the things with beeswax or dough, or anything that I could get my hands on.

And they believe that a child can digest everything from carpet tacks to fried steak, so whenever Willie hollers they think he's hungry, and try to plug his throat with a banana.

33 collocations for  plugging