32 collocations for ports

Press out the juice, and to each quart of walnut-liquor allow the above proportion of vinegar, soy, cayenne, shalots, garlic, and port wine.

He gazed at the vessel quickly and then called to Frank: "Port your helm hard!" Frank obeyed without question and the Bismarck swung about sharply.


Between High Bluff and Point Adieu, in latitude 15 degrees 14 minutes 10 seconds, and longitude 124 degrees 34 minutes 45 seconds, is PORT GEORGE THE FOURTH, having midway in its entrance a high island nearly two miles long; and to the southward, in the centre of the port, a high rocky islet, the LUMP, the summit of which is situated in latitude 15 degrees 18 minutes 30 seconds, and longitude 124 degrees 37 minutes 50 seconds.

ESMENARD, JEAN D'. Les portes du destin, by Jean d'Esme, pseud.

ESMENARD, JEAN D'. Les portes du destin, by Jean d'Esme, pseud.

Why, he guv out the word of command, whether it was to "Port the Helem," or to "Titen the mane braces," as if he had bin a Hadmiral at the werry least, and his galliant crew obeyed him without not no grumbling or ewen thretening to strike!

The house, a mere shack, was being walled in with rock, port holes for the rifles being left.

V.These matters being settled, Caesar went to port Itius with the legions.

And between Jerusalem and port Jaffa, by a town called Ramys, is a chapel of St. George which is now desolate and uncovered, and therein dwell Christian Greeks.

Upon Saturday the 17th of December we put into a large bay or port three leagues to the eastwards of Pennon called Huiva by the Indians, where we remained three days.

At the command ARMS execute PORT ARMS and continue in cadence to the position ordered. 90.

To port a dimming shore line; to starboard, aft, and dead ahead, water and air merged in two boat lengths.

PORT LOUIS (62), capital of Mauritius, on the NW. coast

During 1812 the frigate Constitution, whose many victories won her the name of "Old Ironsides," sank the Guerrière; the United States captured and brought to port the Macedonian; and the Wasp, a little sloop of eighteen guns, after the most desperate engagement of the whole war, captured the British sloop Frolic.

Il reçut une ambassade du roi d'Arménie, entama des négociations avec la cour de Rome, ordonna même des préparatifs dans le port de Marseille.

In conformity with the Commodore's orders Lieutenant-Colonel Fremont hastened to San Francisco, whence he embarked, with one hundred sixty men, on the ship Sterling, for Santa Barbara, to which port the frigate Savannah (Captain Mervine) had previously been ordered; while, on the same day, the Commodore in person sailed for the same port in the Congress.

Deux portes latérales sur le premier plan.

In the distance sails are gliding, Nightly they to port repair; Bird-like, in their nests confiding, For a haven waits them there.

With but two ships abroad we went, With twenty we to port return.

There are China ports a week's sail to the westward where life is really hard, and where the sight of the restless shipping hurts very much indeed.

He was hun-gry and wea-ry, and had a great sor-row at his heart, for he had lost his fa-ther in the ear-ly spring, leav-ing his mo-ther to toil for a scant live-li-hood to sup-port her-self and him.

In buying new negroes a practical planter having a preference for those of some particular tribal stock might make sure of getting them only by taking with him to the slave ships or the "Guinea yards" in the island ports a slave of the stock wanted and having him interrogate those for sale in his native language to learn whether they were in fact what the dealers declared them to be.

Les portes et les fenêtres sont The doors and windows are open. ouvertes.

Sitting on the upper deck, we talked and read, and watched the water slowly drawing away from our houseboat until all about us was bare ground; to starboard a narrow strip of it between us and the channel, and to port a wide stretch of it between us and the shore.

32 collocations for  ports