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31 collocations for « prancing »

31 collocations for « prancing »

  • " There streams into Granada's gate a stately cavalcade Of prancing steeds caparisoned, and knights in steel arrayed; And all their acclamations raise, when Celin comes in sight "The foremost in the tournament, the bravest in the fight" And Moorish maiden Cegri straight to the window flies, To see the glittering pageant and to hear the joyous cries.
  • The noise of the whip, and the noise of the rattling of wheels, and prancing horses, and bounding chariots, the horsemen mounting, and the flashing sword, and the glittering spear, and a multitude of slain, and a great heap of corpses, and there is no end of the bodies.
  • There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry.
  • He pranced sideways a little and shook his head up and down in an effort to regain his former temper, but that iron hand kept his nose down, now, and that quiet voice sounded above himno cursing, no raking of sharp spurs to torture his tender flanks, no whir of the quirt, but a calm voice of authority and understanding.
  • Presently, he rose and began to walk up and down the room with a curious, prancing walk, rolling himself a cigarette, and talking away in a rapid, jerky fashion with his continual, "eh, eh?"
  • ~The Call of Duty.~ At early morn, a valiant knight, On prancing charger, richly dight, With helm and lance and armor bright, Rose from his lordly halls: "Now, in this region, round about, There dwell three outlaws, strong and stout: If luck be mine, I'll find them out!
  • At ease he seem'd, and, prancing o'er the plains, Turn'd only to the grove his horse's reins, The grove I named before; and, lighted there, A woodbine garland sought to crown his hair; 50 Then turn'd his face against the rising day, And raised his voice to welcome in the May. For thee, sweet month!
  • The captain smiled as he watched him prance down the field after a punt, never content to be there in time, but always striving to get there first, and not seldom succeeding.
  • the enormous tents spring up like mushrooms, to last a day; for a few short hours there is a medley of strange sounds,a blare of trumpets, the roar of strange beasts, the ring of strange voices, the crackling of whips; there are prancing steeds and figures in costumes curious,then, flapping of canvas, creaking of poles, and all is silent.
  • Now and then he reared a little and came down on prancing forefeet, and Bull noted the spring and play of the fetlock joints.
  • There was an immediate scattering, a multitudinous glinting of hoofs through the light dust of the plain, and then a rally in prancing groups, at a safe distance.
  • The Capudan Pasha, or Lord High Admiral, had just arrived in a splendid caïque, and pranced up the hill before us on a magnificent stallion, whose trappings blazed with jewels and gold lace.
  • There had been a stir immediately on his appearance: first one warrior and then another had mounted his pony; a score of them were now prancing hither and thither.
  • I'm simply telling you Phil Lambert is the man that ought to marry her, and if he doesn't get on to the job almighty quick that pop-eyed simpleton over there will be prancing down the aisle to Lohengrin with Carlotta before Christmas, and the jig will be up.
  • he hollers, and he pranced out of the house like a hosstyle spider, the maddest little man in the Territory.
  • per week, so that she could buy a new yellow wagon, silver-mounted harness and prancing mules, a gorgeous red silk dress with much finery, with which she could outshine all her neighbors.
  • He'll gallop so fierce, he'll gallop so fast, So high he'll rear, and so swift he'll bound Like the lightning flash he'll go prancing past, Like the thunder-roll will his hoofs resound And the man perchance who sees and hears, He would blind his eyes, he would close his ears.
  • They inspire the swelling breasts of the painted warriors mounted on prancing ponies bedecked with the green branches of trees.
  • "I recollect seeing the soldiers prance 'long the road.
  • As soon as the shore cats saw that their Chief had brought home three prisoners from his cruise, they set up a great yowl of joy, and began to dance, prancing and bounding in the air and whirling round and round upon their hind legs.
  • ronado stared; his heart sank within him; the train was surrounded by a mob of prancing savages; there was more fighting to be done when he had already done his best.
  • If you like KJoâ€s dreamy high schools with uber-rich kids prancing around trees, singing and dancing in their Prada and Gucci outfits, there are chances of you liking Student of the Year.
  • The roan, as if doubtful that he could really have this new burden on his back, and still fearful of the rope which had been lately tethering him, went a few short, prancing steps, and then, feeling something akin to freedom, reared straight up, snorting.
  • Is it for a wager that you travel thus?" grinned Manuel, abominably comfortable upon a great, sorrel horse that pranced all round Valencia in its anxiety to be upon its way home.
  • I said; and I looked about the sands for a sailor suit and a little pair of prancing legs.
  • Round the smooth curve of broad, level road that skirted the ledges from the upper village pranced four splendid bays; and after them rollicked and swayed, with a perfect delirium of wheels and springs, the great black and yellow bodied vehicle, like a huge bumble-bee buzzing back with its spoil of a June day to the hive.
  • Then the whole company entered the house, and from Manuel's station at the window you could see no more, but you could hear small prancing hoof-beats downstairs and the clattering of plates and much whinnying laughter.
  • Sheila, standing near Girlie's elbow, felt the exhilaration which youth does feel at the impact of explosive noise and motion, the stamping of feet, the shouting, the loud laughter, the music, the bounding, prancing bodies: savagery in a good humor, childhood again, but without the painful intensity of childhood.
  • Thurstane had scarcely reached the centre of the line of vehicles when a score or so of yelling horsemen made a caracoling, prancing charge upon him, accompanying it with a flight of arrows.
  • by the feet of prancing horses raised, Thick clouds of moving dust, like glittering swarms Of locusts, in the glow of eventide, Fall on the branches of our sacred trees Where hang the dripping vests of woven bark, Bleached by the waters of the cleansing fountain.
  • The men came prancing over as if they were on a good high-road, the careless ease with which they made the passage bordering on impertinence!

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