126 collocations for  presupposed

126 collocations for presupposed

Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher form, than any other.

For a modern reader the understanding of Paradise Lost presupposes two things,a knowledge of the first chapters of the Scriptures, and of the general principles of Calvinistic theology; but it is a pity to use the poem, as has so often been done, to teach a literal acceptance of one or the other.

As flocks and herds were the staples of wealth, a large number of servants presupposed large possessions of cattle, which would require many herdsmen.

A civilized community presupposes a government of law.

This presupposed the power of Government to divide commerce into two water-tight compartments, or, at least, to regard the two spheres of power as parallel lines that would never meet; whereas with the coming of the railroad, steamship and the telegraph commerce has become so unified that the parallel lines have become lines of interlacing zigzags.

For example, in case the chapter on brain action is found to presuppose more physiological knowledge than that possessed by the students, it may be omitted or may be used merely for reference when enlightenment is desired upon some of the physiological descriptions in later chapters.

Most of the moral sciences presuppose physical science; but few of the physical sciences presuppose moral science.

Argument.+Especially in argument is it evident that language presupposes an audience.

The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish government presupposes the duty of every individual to obey the established government.

Morality presupposes pessimistic insight into the badness of the world and the fruitlessness of all desire, and pantheistic discernment of the untruth of individual existence and the identity in essence of all individuals from a metaphysical standpoint.

The pomp in which he lived presupposes a change in the government itself, even to an absolute monarchy and a grinding despotism, fatal to the liberties which the Israelites had enjoyed under Saul and David.

But if the servant "die under his hand," then the unfitness of the instrument, is point blank against him; for, striking with a rod so as to cause death, presupposed very many blows and great violence, and this kept up till the death-gasp, showed an intent to kill.

The ownership of human beings necessarily presupposes an utter disregard of their happiness.

But so far as the argument presupposes theism it cannot be made to support or even confirm theism.

However, that presupposes a normal range of action of the other endocrines.

Nobody dares condemn hereven the friends of the robbed girl, for that presupposes some lack in her charm, and gives publicity to her loss.

Geometry presupposes an arbitrary definition of a line, "that which has length but not breadth."

The adoption of any or all of the legislative nostrums which were severally suggested, presupposed a willingness on the part of the South to carry them out and be governed thereby.

He argues by the analogy of evolution, which always presupposes a real relation between the life and the environment to which it adjusts itself, that this forth-reaching and unfolding of the soul implies the everlasting reality of religion.

"Next thou objectest, that having of saving light and grace presupposes conversion.

I want 'that easy air which presupposes familiarity with society'that's what it says in my book," objected Abner.

There are two ways of reaching a great age, both of which presuppose a sound constitution as a conditio sine quâ non.

It is not every man, however, who has an intellect of this kind; for any such definite individuality as I mean is geniusan original view of the world, which presupposes an absolutely exceptional individuality, which is the essence of genius.

This would presuppose a sale of, at least, 10,000 copies.

The resolution of the Senate as originally framed and as passed, if it refers to these acts, presupposes a right in that body to interfere with this exercise of Executive power.

(A similar thought was not unknown in the Middle Ages: if God is to give a complete revelation of himself he must make known his grace; and this presupposes sin.

The truth which I am insisting upon here, the truth, namely, that the chief source of human happiness is internal, is confirmed by that most accurate observation of Aristotle in the Nichomachean Ethics that every pleasure presupposes some sort of activity, the application of some sort of power, without which it cannot exist.

Mystery too often presupposes the idea of guilt.

"The act of creation presupposes an entirely different spiritual condition, namely, a superabundance of creative energy which has free scope and in which the whole man feels that he is involved."

Miss Natalie was kind enough to talk to me about her affairs, presupposing my interest in them.

Self-love always presupposes original, immediate affections.

Redemption presupposes virtue, virtue sacrifice, and sacrifice love!"

To the Fellow Craft, the study of the liberal arts and sciences is earnestly recommended; and indeed, that sacred hieroglyphic, the knowledge of whose occult signification constitutes the most solemn part of his instruction, presupposes an acquaintance at least with the art of reading.

To illustrate their mental attitude it will be sufficient to quote a few lines from the letter of one of my correspondents, who writes: "These questions presuppose assent to some sort of a proposition regarding the 'mind's eye,' and the 'images' which it sees....

In this case it presupposes the existence of commerce, and, of course, the means by which and the channels through which commerce is carried on.

Boerhaave complains, that the writers who have treated of chymistry before him, are useless to the greater part of students, because they presuppose their readers to have such degrees of skill as are not often to be found.

Interposition presupposes particular necessity or reason for it, and raises the question, When and how often it may have been necessary.

This in turn presupposes "general" metaphysics, which subdivides into four parts: Methodology, Ontology, Synechology, i.e., the theory of the continuous ([Greek: suneches]), which treats of the continua, space, time, and motion, and Eidolology, i.e., the theory of images or representations.

Now the Doge died in 1500, so that if Giorgione really painted him, he could not have been more than twenty-three years of age at the time, an extraordinarily early age to have been honoured with so important a commission; this fact certainly presupposes successes with other patrons, whose portraits Giorgione must have taken during the years 1495-1500.

Advances in administration seem to presuppose the evolution of new governing classes, since, apparently, no established type of mind can adapt itself to changes in environment, even in slow-moving civilizations, as fast as environments change.

Again, adherence to a plan which presupposes the enemy's fleet to be in a particular formation after he is found to be in another is not to be expected of a consummate tactician.

But that I deny: for, on the contrary, conversion presupposes the having of light and grace.

With this has grown up an artificially stimulated covetousness for a thousand futile luxuries, and a standard of living that presupposes a thousand non-essentials as basic necessities.

[Footnote D: This implication, in the first principle of the utilitarian scheme, of perfect impartiality between persons, is regarded by Mr. Herbert Spencer (in his Social Statics) as a disproof of the pretentions of utility to be a sufficient guide to right; since (he says) the principle of utility presupposes the anterior principle, that everybody has an equal right to happiness.

Your mother, who presupposes ityour father, who commands it.

To suppose the former,knowing the size of the image made from such trifling articles as rings, we must presuppose the Israelites to have spoiled the Egyptians most unmercifully: the figure, however, is of more consequence than the weight or size of the idol.

With this has grown up an artificially stimulated covetousness for a thousand futile luxuries, and a standard of living that presupposes a thousand non-essentials as basic necessities.

Discourse Presupposes an Audience.+The object of composition is communication, and communication is not concerned with one's self alone.

Besides," he saysand to this sound reductio ad absurdum I call the attention of all who believe their Bibles"unless I believe God to possess the same moral attributes which I find, in however inferior a degree, in a good man, what ground of assurance have I of God's veracity? All trust in a Revelation presupposes a conviction that God's attributes are the same, in all but degree, with the best human attributes.

It is true that such a religion presupposes Christianity, to which it owes its best and noblest features, and that, as far as we can see, it is inconceivable if Christianity had not first been.