1269 collocations for promised

They promised him many things.

The ten thousand troops gave confidence to the loyalists and promised success for the coming campaign.

Claudio entered with great satisfaction into this whim of the prince, and Leonato promised them his assistance, and even Hero said she would do any modest office to help her cousin to a good husband.

In the evening, however, two disciples came to him together, and professed their readiness to undertake the expedition, if promised a reward commensurate with its danger and difficulty.

He had oftentimes before promised them protection, but he was growing old and weak, and thought that this might help to save his soul, which was in great need of saving, for he had been a wicked king.

And Paolo Cagliari had been most kind in accepting his commission with an enthusiasm which promised wonderful results.

I promise thee that thou shalt have great sport, for I know that thou art fond of hunting the dun deer.

Yesterday were we heroes, to-day must we be godsyet cautious gods, for, mark me, I have but twelve shafts remaining, and with twelve shafts can but promise ye a poor twelve lives.

Olympia placed five hundred dollars at Nick's disposal in the hands of the commandant to supply the lad with better food than the commissary furnished, and, promising him strenuous aid so soon as she got back to Washington, she resumed the quest for the lost.

The citizens, laying hold of this opportunity, opened the gates immediately to the Lord of Torcy, to the great prejudice and disadvantage of the captains and officers of the garrisonfor there were seven or eight of them to whom, by virtue of the King's authority, we had promised money, and pensions for life; but they never enjoyed the benefit of that promise, because the town was not surrendered by them.

You know she promised her mother she would never leave him.

"I promised my father never to claim it,never to take it unless it were offered to me openly and freely,and I intend to keep my promise.

They were both promising men.

His destination was the province of Narbonnese Gaul, where Lepidus had assumed the government and had promised him support.

Yet he had once promised his dead friend, Tom Bradley, that he would serve Jane Merrick faithfully.

His first advertisement was couched in the following high-sounding terms: "Behold a discovery which promises unspeakable advantages to the human race, and immortal fame to its author!

Utterly taken aback the man did as he was requested, and afterwards promised obedience.

I said, I think, that I was promised help.

He now gave him the title of king; he offered him ten thousand talents as a ransom for his captive mother and queen; and he promised him his daughter Statira in marriage, with all the country he had conquered, as far as the river Euphrates, provided he would agree to a peace.

The baronet had promised Mr. Benfield his visit should be made at an earlier day than usual, in order to gratify Jane with a visit to Bath, before they went to London, at which town they were promised by Mrs. Jarvis the pleasure of her society, and that of her son and daughters.

The dolls went to the hearts of lovers of beauty, and what promised surer financial return, to the hearts of the children.

" He promised compliance with her wishes; but the thought flitted through his mind, "Can it be possible the young man fascinates her, that she wants to fly from him?"

Tyresias to Narcissus promised Much prosperous hap and many golden days, If of his beauty he no knowledge took.

It was while sojourning at Bethel that the Lord appeared again unto Abram, and promised to him the whole land as a future possession of his posterity.

"She promised me her hand fifty years ago!" exclaimed Mr. Medbourne.

1269 collocations for  promised