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28 collocations for « prying »

28 collocations for « prying »

  • Higgins, who held an open penknife, seemed to have been attempting to pry the lid.
  • He turned the box this way and that to admire the sketch, and finally arose and brought a hatchet, with which he carefully pried the board away from the box.
  • Then, prying the door open a bit at the top, he tried to peer in.
  • He'd pried the Majoress' mouth open, stuck a cork in to it keep it so, and then fed her the revivifier.
  • I wanted him to die slow, and before the end I wanted to pry his eyes open and make him see my face and know that it was me that done for him!
  • I'll pry the box open in a jiffy."
  • Casey killed the engine and got out a bit stiffly, pried off a chew of tobacco and gazed pensively at Barren Butte that held Lucky Lode, where the widow was cooking supper at that moment.
  • I swept the broad swollen stream, to the yellowing woods, and over the meadows, where a pale transient beam crept under and pried up the hay-cocks,the smoke that began to curl from the chimneys and fall as soon,the mists blowing off from Indian Hill, but brooding blue and dense down the turnpike, and burying the red spark of the moon, that smothered like a half-dead coal in her ashes,anywhere, anywhere but that spot!
  • Casey got out his plug of chewing tobacco and pried off a blunted corner.
  • That could mean anything from encrypting data to antivirus protection software to keep out prying cyber criminals.
  • He was rather a tight fit, which interested Jimmie more than young Bashforth, so he left the boy and came around and pried the doctor back into the companion-way.
  • With my small spears I pried out dozens of them, Mao, starfish, clams, oysters, furbelowed clams, sea-urchins, and sponges.
  • His mother was down on her knees beside him, one arm about his shoulders, trying to pry his face from his hands, trying to look into his eyes.
  • After that, I remember that somebody came up behind me and pried my hands loose from the mast.
  • Richard Wilbanks, 74, of Estero ran into his backyard pond, wrestled the gator above surface, and pried its jaws open to free Gunner, his Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
  • As a heron when she fishes, still prying on all sides; or as a cat doth a mouse, his eye is never off hers; he gloats on him, on her, accurately observing on whom she looks, who looks at her, what she saith, doth, at dinner, at supper, sitting, walking, at home, abroad, he is the same, still inquiring, maundering, gazing, listening, affrighted with every small object; why did she smile, why did she pity him, commend him?
  • He took out his pipe, looked at it, bethought himself of his promise and put it away again, substituting a chew of tobacco as large as his cheek would hold without prying his mouth open.
  • We each carried a light sharpened rod about four feet long, with which we pried up certain sweet roots.
  • It was a wonderful era in the history of creation when that creature could take a club and use it for a hammer, or could pry up a stone with a stake, thus adding one more lever to the levers that made up his arm.
  • " For a while he remained slanting against the piano, thoughtfully attempting to pry out the strings; then Wye returned from putting Miss Carew and Miss Trent into a carriage.
  • Down the long muscles of his shoulder and upper foreleg went curious and gently prying finger-tips, and where they passed a tingling sensation followed, not altogether unpleasant.
  • Allison is losing lots of blood as Leonard pries Vanya away and the audience is left to believe that one of the main characters is dead.
  • When I went into the church for my early service I found that some one had ripped off the wainscoting in a half a dozen places and even pried up the altar.
  • I came running in with one of my men as soon as I heard the outcries, and after a while we managed to pry up the Fat Woman with a couple of cart-rungs and get the Dwarf out from under her, after which she came to in due time and got over her fright.
  • Everyone is afraid of his neighbor; no one trusts himself to fall asleep in peace, for fear someone will pry his secret awaya terrible atmospherebut what an adventure if it breaks into war before my eyes....
  • So then Russell rode over, six miles, to a neighbor's, and got two men, and betwixt 'em all they pried up the beams of the barn, that had blowed on to the roof and pinned it down over me, and then lifted up the boards and got me out; and I wa'n't hurt, except a few bruises: but after that day I begun to get gray hairs.
  • She is a sly, prying tale-bearer, who hates Constantia (the beloved of Egerton McSycophant), simply because every one else loves her.
  • Here the men, five on a side, march like a chain-gang, backward and forward; placing one end of the pole in the bed of the stream, resting the other in the hollow of the shoulder near the arm-pit, and bracing themselves by their feet against these bars, they pry the boat along.

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