1326 collocations for pulls

I leant the rifle on the coping, and pulled the trigger.

"Sir!" said Mr. P., with that delicate consideration for which he is so noted, "why do you pull your hat down over your eyes, and what is your object in thus concealing your identity?

The saleslady pulled the washlady's hair.

Let go-o-o!" The "coffee-mill" stopped, and Jack Vance pulled out his watch.

merely standing in a bath-tub and letting somebody pull the string!

" Bob mounted the box, gathered the lines, and pulling the horses strongly by the bits, he sang out to the Englishmen, "All aboard!"

Then he pulled up another chair, and sat down beside me.

They'd let them pull the house down over their heads, you'd think.

" "Two hard fighters would give the best man that ever pulled a gun a lot of trouble.

The Boy joined in the laugh, and pulled off his Arctic cap with a bow borrowed straight from the Colonel.

The stranger laughed, pulled a face which, as far as ugliness went, was hardly an improvement on the one Nature had already bestowed upon him, and then pointed mockingly at the remains of the masterpiece.

" It was the faithful Finn, who had been awaiting me in the deep shadow, and with a few strokes pulled his boat up to the narrow rickety ledge outside the door.

The light shimmered on the flowing river as the rowers pulled the oars and sang their songs.

" He pulled up the rope of the sled, and his little cargo lurched towards him.

The riders of the horses have to come out in rubber hunting boots and when they get on the horses we have to pull their boots off and hold them until the act is over, then the riders sit on the horses and pull the boots on and get down in the mud of the ring and bow to the audience.

Johnnie then, though badly burnt, pulled the curtains, valance, and all down on to the floor, and beat out the flames with his hands and feet.

Placing the lantern on the floor, I tumbled the stones off the trap, and, grasping the ring, pulled the door open.

I remember I pulled his coat, and cried "Sir, sir," and tried to move him.

Ol' Chief was pulling the Boy's sleeve during the little colloquy, and saying, "You tell."

A black servant, who reposed on the box beside the fat coachman, uncurled his bandy legs as soon as the equipage drew up opposite Miss Pinkerton's shining brass plate; and as he pulled the bell at least a score of young heads were seen peering out of the narrow windows of the stately old brick house.

she soliloquized, as she pulled Noisette's silky ears.

He pulled the rein savagely,why could not the dumb brute know that life and death waited on her foot?

" More is said after this; but the speakers have strolled to the other side of the Gospeler's house, and their words cannot be distinguished Mr. BUMSTEAD closes his umbrella with such suddenness and violence as to nearly pull off the head of MCLAUGHLIN; drives his own hat further upon his nose with a sounding blow; takes several wild swallows from his antique flask; eats two cloves, and chuckles hoarsely to himself for some minutes.

But those who were about me pressed on me and threatened; they pulled my hands from my eyes.

Slowly he pulled his gloves out of his pocket, and turned out from each beaver gauntlet an inner mitten of knitted wool.

1326 collocations for  pulls