99 collocations for pumping

Watt had recently discovered the potency of steam vapour as a motive power; but its only use at first was for pumping water out of the mines.

But when you, Harry, or you, Joe, pump the lead into him, shoot him so's he'll live long enough to know who killed him and why!" As he spoke, there was a quality in his voice that seemed to find the boys in the darkness and point each of them out.

" "It is because your heart pumps so much more blood up inside your body," explained Daddy Blake.

The air pump is usually worked by means of a crank in the shaft, which crank moves the air pump bucket up and down as the shaft revolves.

Air pump rods of Muntz's metal or copper are much used.

Then you can pump out the fore hold and we'll make a fresh start aft.

When he drives his pile, he stands with his neck and long bill pointed straight up, and pumping the air into his throat, sends it oat with the strange sound you have heard.

I met Reeve, and Reeve pumped some bullets with sense into me.

When the tide came in again, the schooner righted of course; and the opportunity was taken to pump her dry.

When you go to the gymnasium to build up a good physique, the physical director does not tell you to hold yourself limp and passive while he pumps your arms and legs up and down.

Then they could pump the mines, then they could discover and use the vast riches of our coal-mines.

The air pump rod is maintained in its vertical position by means of guides, the lower ends of which are bolted to the mouth of the pump, and the upper to the oval in the top frame, within which the air pump crank works; and the motion is communicated from this crank to the pump rod by means of a short connected rod.

Children stood ankle deep in water, pumping hour after hour, and their work was sometimes prolonged for thirty-six hours continuously; so that it was no wonder the children died early, that they suffered much from disease, and led cheerless, wretched lives.

A convenient method is to insert the muzzle of the rifle into the can containing the soda solution and, with the cleaning rod inserted from the breech, pump the barrel full a few times.

They cheered our men on No. 2 gun, who were pumping out shells as fast as they could.

All hands on deck to pump ship!" "My camera!

Taking the cartridge belt of Jig he shook the revolver out of the holster and pumped a shot into the ground.

He had been pumping Matters for Sir Miles's present addresswhich he didn't get.

A silent ump pumped his right fist.

Of course, I must say his work was not such as would be classed amongst the skilled or intellectual trades; it was, apparently, to pump all the accumulated drainage from a subterranean vault out into the yard in front, about twice a week, the rest of his time being taken up by assisting at the hiding of the turnips.

Such pumps both draw and force; and either by arranging them in a succession of lifts in the shaft of the mine, or otherwise, the water may be drawn without inconvenience from any depth.

"The first thing I want to do is to pump that black fellow a little more.

By means of the air-pump the films could be sealed in tin tubes free from moisture and kept thus until arrival at home or at a city where the air was fairly dry and cold water for washing could be had.

That very evening, at precisely the time we were crawling across the broken timbers that spanned the Scheldt and connected us with Belgium-owned Belgium, the Germans again pumped heavy artillery fire into the town.

It would never do to think of carrying a craft, after such a nip, as far as Rio, pumping every foot of the way!"

99 collocations for  pumping
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