69 collocations for punched

"Why not?" "Because Oaks would jolly well punch both our heads.

And once, when Charlie sat down on the ice, to punch with his knife a hole in his strap, so that it would fit tighter, something happened.

Just one glimpse was I given of the old-time daughter of Eve, when a ticket-collector at Reading said: "I can't punch your ticket.

"I don't want to get up," complained Violet, turning restlessly in bed and punching her pillow.

When he punched cattle on our range he was known as "Kingdom Come" Brown, because, even in those days, it was plain to tenderfeet that physically and intellectually D. Brown, cowboy, was not likely to inherit the kingdoms of the earth.

The day I get out of it, the day I don't have to punch that old time-clock down there next to the Complaints and Adjustment Desk, II'll never put my foot below sidewalk level again to the hour I die.

Boxers expect a rebound when they "punch the ball," but none of them would be so foolish as to deny having delivered a blow when the rebound takes place.

"Now, Mac, you shall have a fair field," said the Colonel, "and if the Boy opens his trap again" "I'll punch 'im," promised O'Flynn, replenishing the disturber's cup.

In punching the shoe, two nail-holes on a side, on a foot like this, are sufficient to hold on a shoe.

You must have been a convict yourself, shouted at and ordered about like a dog for three weary years, to appreciate the full pleasure of being able once more to punch a man in the jaw.

He had punched cows over those ranges for ten years, and his experience had made him a wildcat in a fight.

" "I'm as good as Nebraska," Punch-the-breeze Thompson stated, modestly.

I'd like to punch his nose!"

Pa sat by me and fanned me, 'cause I was faint, and then he said: "My boy, you played your part well, until the persimmon hit you, and then you forgot that you were an actor, and became yourself, and I don't blame you for wanting to punch that boy who called you a little nigger, and said I was your pa.

Her hands were growing rough and red from dabbling in water, punching bread dough, handling the varied articles of food that go to make up a meal.

The silence of the jungle was disturbed by a shrill voice that protested loudly against something which the owner was called upon to do, and our hearts punched our ribs with mighty blows as we crawled forward.

I'd punch a gent in the face that laughed at me!"

or, by God, I'll have a squadron of Arran's pig-stickers ride you down and punch your skins full of holes!

It was raining; parasols leaked into my shoes, soaking water-proofs embraced me, and monstrous brogans crushed my feet to chaos; then, umbrellas punched my eyes, out, jabbed holes in my hat, and wrote hieroglyphics all over my shirt bosom, while baskets of meat were deposited in my lap, and the intruding tail of a codfish roughly slapped my face a dozen times.

" Margray's ivory stiletto punched a red eyelet in her finger.

I've a good mind to punch your face!"

"Punch up that fire, Tom Belcher," he said.

He sits with his back to her, as nobody ever does sit but a stage husband at home, and punches the floor with his spur.

I got that punching our German friend.

I punched a frog yesterday.

69 collocations for  punched