123 collocations for purified

Have we endeavoured to purify our hearts by an act of contrition, in order that we may escape the terrible reproach which God addresses to the sinner"to the sinner God hath said, 'Why dost thou declare my justices and take away covenant in thy mouth?'" (Psalm 49, v.16)?

While yelling he swallows great draughts of lung-expanding, purifying air and forgets the fear of "taking cold.

The lungs will not decarbonize and purify the blood with foul air, that has been breathed over and over and lost its oxygen.

And thus through its pity and terror it purifies our souls to thoughts of peace.

The winter was mild and charming, very little snow, and only frost enough to purify the atmosphere.

" The work of heaven performing, Feridún First purified the world from sin and crime.

He purifies endlessly his house, saying that Hecatethat is, the moonhas exercised some malign influence on it; and many other purifications he observes, of which I shall only say that they are by their nature plainly, like the last, meant as preservatives against unseen malarias or contagions, possible or impossible.

If you wish to soften and to purify the man, you must first soften and purify the woman, or at least encourage her not to lose what womanliness she has left, amid sights, and sounds, and habits which tend continually to destroy her womanhood.

"Go forth, my knight of love, o'er land and sea, And purify your spirit and your life, And seek until you find the Holy Grail, Keeping the vision ever in your thought, The inspiration ever in your soul.

But in the history of society the instances are unfortunately numerous when bigotry and despotism have kindled their infernal fires and erected their bloody scaffolds, not to purify the Church and nourish the principles of Christian progress, but to destroy what is good as well as what is evil.

When Mr. Bowyer prohibited his pupils from using, in their themes, the above-mentioned names, he did, we humbly submit, prohibit them from using the best means of purifying their taste and exalting their imagination.

Thou dost purify others, and thou art not pure thyself; but we will soon purify thee.'

1. Purify conscience.

Poor fool, he might rub every particle of moisture off the skin of his bodyhe might be clean as a kittenbut he could not and did not purify his mind with all this friction; and the man who would have fainted to see a black speck upon his shirt, was not at all shocked at the indecent conversation in which he and his companions occasionally indulged.

To guard the faith, to purify the morals according to the Christian standard, overseers, officers, rulers are required.

She begins to Purify the Court, and to relax the Rules of Etiquette.

There is room in this resolution for boththose who believe that, by retaining British connection, we can purify ourselves and purify British people, and those who have no belief.

The statements which he makes on the authority of Father Blas Valera, that the Inca Tupac Yupanqui sought to purify the religion of his day by leading it toward the contemplation of an incorporeal God, is probably, in the main, correct.

In the noble emotions of pity for the oppressed, and of zeal for the honour and interest of civilized society, he conceived perhaps the sublimest design that ever occupied and exalted the mind of man, the design to search and to purify the polluted stream of Penal Justice, not only throughout his own country, but through the various nations of the world.

When, therefore, the generals of Antiochus' armies had been beaten so often, Judas assembled the people together, and told them that after these many victories which God had given them, they ought to go up to Jerusalem and purify the Temple and offer the appointed sacrifices.

I found it very hard to believe, with the Chaplains, that the war was purifying everyone's character, and I was particularly sceptical as regards some of the elderly non-combatants who were unable to realise at first hand "the Glory of the Great Adventure.

The other is to drain the marshes, and purify the water, and cleanse the houses, and drive the fever out.

I refer to the movement called Methodism, in the midst of which, at an early stage of its history, arose the directing energies of John Wesley, a man sent of God to deepen at once and purify its motive influences.

Could human nature, unassisted by the Divine nature, have done so, then what need would there have been for the Son of God to have taken our form and purified our nature in himself?

And he will purify the sons of Levi, And refine them as gold and silver; And they shall offer offerings in righteousness.

123 collocations for  purified