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1075 collocations for  pushes

1075 collocations for pushes

Civilization is pushing its way even towards this wild and, for all agricultural purposes, sterile region, and before many years even the Rackett will be within its ever-extending circle.

" It was then Mr. Kaminer pushed back his chair, flopped down his napkin, and rose, breathing heavily enough, but his face set in an exaggerated kind of quietude as he moved through the maze of tables, exchanged a check for his hat, and walked out.

There was a short pause while the man unscrewed his instrument; then he stepped back and pushed open the door.

"I been awake" She set the lamp down on the brown-marble top of a wash-stand, pushed back her hair with both hands, and sat down on the bed-edge, heavily breathing from a run through deserted night's streets.

We pushed our boat back towards the open water, when we heard the plunge of some animal into the lake, on the other side of the island.

" "I don't want any of your plagued policies!" exclaimed the irritated Gospeler, pushing away the hand striving to feel his pulse again.

Do I look more like a perfect lady with my hat over my right eye?" Billie chuckled and pushed the hat over Laura's nose, at which Laura would have protested vigorously and, if must be, forcefully, if there had not been other passengers in the train besides themselves.

she screamed, pushing the old man aside, and tugging at the bar which held the door in place.

Perro went so far as to push his plebeian head through the bars and look down into the street.

" "Yes," answered Jack ruefully; "and we're bound to be back late pushing this old thing all the way.

"Who knows," said Lethal, with a deceptive innocence of manner, "whether aristocracy itself be not founded in mesmerical deceptions?" "I think, Lethal," observed Adonaรฏs, "you push the matter.

Grope your way down the passage, push aside the curtain with your stickit is far too foul to touch with the handand the mystery is made plain.

" Fullaway pushed aside his plate.

Started with the dawn, and pushing our tired and hungry horses over the plain as fast as circumstances would admit, arrived at the encampment before the heat of the day became excessive.

" The boys waited for fully a minute and then, as nobody came to answer their summons, Dick pushed the button again.

Inert, slow, he had one qualification for his position: he could choose an assistant, or delegate authority with good judgment; and he found in Johnnie Consadine an adjutant so reliable, so apt, and of such ability, that he continually pushed more work upon her, if pay and honours did not always follow in adequate measure.

she cries, pushing away the brown linen arm coming after her again.

He took some bills from his wallet, and as he helped the girl up the steps pushed the paper into her hand.

" I did not, after this, push my inquiries farther; but remarked, aside to the Brahmin,"I would give a good deal to know this secret, provided it would suit our planet.

The mother pushed the child from her with a heart-broken gesture.

Say something, or I'll go mad!" He laid his paper across his knee, pushing up his glasses.

The locomotive pushed the cars, the train was long, and the lamp was but a few yards off.

I took hold of the ears of the moose, while Joe pushed his canoe down stream toward a favorable shore, and so we made out, though with some difficulty, its long nose frequently sticking in the bottom, to drag it into still shallower water.

Mary pushed her advantage.

Let me push back the curls from your brow, And look in your dark eyes and see What my bird is thinking of now.

CHAPTER XX AN OFFER OF FRIENDSHIP Etta did not move when Steinmetz approached, except, indeed, to push one foot farther out toward the warmth of the wood fire.

But the things I doof course you perceive their value?" "Only in a negative sense," I replied pushing the bottle toward him.

But at rare intervals warm rains and warm winds invade the mountains and push back the snow line from 2000 feet to 8000, or even higher, and then come the big floods.

But when they heard Mr. Wood's voice, they ran to the fence, bleating with pleasure, and trying to push their noses through to get the carrot or turnip, or whatever he was handing to them.

I asked, pushing toward him a box of cigarettes.

I glance down, quickly, and realize, with an unspeakable terror, that my foot is pushing back the lower bolt.

And pushing aside the crowd, Gindrier took the man who had been speaking by the collar, and knocking his hat on to the ground with the back of his hand, he cried, "Hats off!" CHAPTER VI.

In pushing the boy on shore, John Clinton slipped back, and, being exhausted with his exertions, the tide caught him and he disappeared beneath the surface, and was carried down stream a few yards under the pier.

By pushing the branches aside he could see the figures lounging about the fire; he could see the dark vault of the sky, and was not oppressed by the hideous shapes and shadows of the dense jungle.

The second Reprise is made, after having pushed Quarte, when in recovering to Guard the Enemy advances, without being covered, or that suffering the Superiority of your Sword, he gives you room to thrust in Quarte, if he disengages, you must go off in Tierce, if he forces your Sword with his Feeble, you must disengage to Tierce, and if with his Fort cut Quarte under the Wrist.

Agatathe same that pushes his fortunes with the senate in a claim to the riches and honors of the last Monforte that sat in thy councils.

"You go first, Mrs. Gilligan," cried Violet, pushing that woman before her.

The concurrence of all these circumstances easily determined our ministers in their choice, and the troops were ordered to join the Britons in the Low Countries; a step which so much alarmed the French, that they no longer endeavoured to push forward their conquests, nor appeared to entertain any other design than that of defending themselves, and returning in safety to their own country.

The visitor did not answer; he pushed back uncertainly the uncertain lock of dark hair and seemed almost to have forgotten the object of his visit.

She raised his hand, pushed back the tattered sleeve from his wrist, and then she laid his hand down gently.

" My father had pushed his spectacles up from his eyes.

And finally when she pushed her cup away and let her two hands drop into her lap he gathered the dishes and carried them away to the nearest pool to wash them, leaving Gloria silent and thoughtful, brooding over his fire.

I shall never forget the humiliation of that day when we, who, after all, were the best-disciplined troops of the lot, were first herded to our work of pushing wheelbarrows and handling spades, by grinning Arabs, rifle on shoulder.

But there can be no conquest of the wilderness till we have broken the Indian menace, and pushed our frontier up to the hillsay, and beyond them.

The Colonel opened the half-closed door and looked out, as Jack pushed aside the table, tore away the red curtain, hammered at the sash, then, desperate, set his shoulder at it and forced the whole thing out.

When it was put to him, whether he was willing to push the free-trade principle so far as to allow countries growing sugar by slave labor to drive our free-grown sugar out of the market, he was often inclined to give way before this mode of putting the question, and to imagine that there really was a collision between free trade and free labor.

He taught no errors like Origen, and pushed out no theological doctrines into a jargon of metaphysics like Athanasius.

She was not angry, although he had admitted he pushed down the stone, but he felt as if something divided them and doubted if he could remove the obstacle.

" "I tell you," answered Silent, "it'll please me more'n anything in the world to push that damned girl face of his into the floor.

So while father goes to the door to look out to see what kind of a night it is and predict to-morrow and while mother closes her book with a lingering, loving sigh, and Morris pushes his books away and opens the Bible, I'll finish my last page.

Having made this irrevocable decision, he now pushed ahead his final preparations with some show of haste.

screams Mr. Bunnett, trying to push the dog away.

He remembered the small Hispanic/Indian man who pushed a shopping cart down the street in all seasons, accepting Joe's returnable bottles with a grateful smile, always saluting as though Joe were a superior.

"You fellows keep a good watch, though I don't fancy you'll be bothered by the three advance scouts of the Lasher brigade," remarked Frank, as he pushed his machine into position, and prepared to run with it for a start.

Of Pushing Quart.

Ingenious men, possessed of leisure, are apt to push their researches beyond the period in which literary monuments are framed or preserved; without reflecting that the history of past events is immediately lost or disfigured when intrusted to memory or oral tradition; and that the adventures of barbarous nations, even if they were recorded, could afford little or no entertainment to men born in a more cultivated age.

" This was uttered in perfect simplicity, and with no intention of giving offence, partaking partly of the nature of a soliloquy; so the general, greatly encouraged, was about to push the point, when a gun was fired from their own ship.

We came to some rapids near the outlet of the second chain of ponds, around which we walked, and up which the boatmen pushed their little craft.

Her captor opened the door and pushed the girl inside.

But even the Mohammedan population were hoping that the Allies would push their victory and land troops in Syria and Palestine; for though they hated the infidel, they loved the Turk not at all, and the country was exhausted and the blockade of the Mediterranean by the Allies prevented the import and export of articles.

Just as he had finished making it and had pushed one end of the wire through, the telephone bell rang, and Jane in dismay sprang to answer it.

" He pushed back his chair and, crossing his legs, leaned forward and pushed his fingers across the polished mahogany till they touched the base of a wine-glass beside his plate.

In this way a German column passed through Marchienne, pushing ahead of them a body of several hundred civilians.

Then I got under the drapery, pushing up the stick, so as to give the idea of a gigantic human figure with extended arms.

A dozen more were pushing their claims, every one in vain.

Then Laura pushed down the covers and got to her feet.

Chatterton, who to his friends had not hesitated to avow his attachment to his cousin, but who had never proposed for her, as his present views and fortune were not, in his estimation, sufficient for her proper support, had pushed every interest he possessed, and left no steps unattempted an honorable man could resort to, to effect his object.

He then pushed forward his army to attack another fort.

She pushed back her veil, took out her handkerchief, put her hand on a chair in front, and gave the directors an apologetic smile.

It seemed reasonable, as they said, that the South should cease to push the slave question in regard to Kansas, now that it has elected its President.

V. Of pushing Tierce without, or on the Outside of the Sword.

It is less dangerous, and more easy for the Rispost than the former, which must be made as soon as you have parryed, by pushing strait in Quart which the Adversary having pushed under, can hardly avoid, but by yeilding, and battering the Sword.

But the merchant raised a finger and nodded and pushed the whole pile of beautiful things over to him.

They struggled on after their guide as best they could, till he turned out of the high road into a lane; and thankful were they when he stopped, and, pushing open a gate that creaked on rusty hinges, led them up a narrow, gravelled pathway to a small, bare house, flanked on either side by some dreary bushes of evergreens.

"The Wind Creatures will be happy to-day," said Ivra when she opened her eyes and heard the wind pushing at all the windows of the house and saw the blue morning sky.

He pushed the letter under the door of her room, and said through the keyhole: 'Edith, look here, I'm just going for a little walk.

From September 28 until October 4 we maintained the offensive against patches of woods defended by snipers and continuous lines of machine guns, and pushed forward our guns and transport, seizing strategical points in preparation for further attacks. OTHER UNITS WITH ALLIES Other divisions attached to the allied armies were doing their part.

-bye in the gentle manner that tells its own tale, and of Mimi crooning to herself and trying to push a much-crumpled playing-card,the Queen of Hearts,into the cinglet of her small pyjamas. XVI.

A man who was pushing a truck allowed one of the wheels to pass over a corpse that was lying with its head on the curbstone.

' They both laughed, and Edith gently pushed her friend out of the room.

He will also be prepared to push troops rapidly into Beersheba in order to protect from danger any wells and plant connected with the water supply not damaged by the enemy before Beersheba is entered.

Western Europe pushed a little farther west does not meet our demand.

"The detective, however, pushed his investigations as far as the Birkbeck Bank.

If after the Adversary has pushed Quart, he pushes Seconde; you must parry with the Fort, bringing it nearer to you, and for the greater Safety, or to avoid other Thrusts, or the taking Time on your return, you must oppose with the left hand, which hinders him from hitting you as he meets your Thrust, and from parrying it, for want of having his Sword at Liberty.

cried Petrak, pushing the wall and bushes aside and showing us the moonlit sea and the loom of the mainland shouldering up into the stars.

he shouted, and pushed Lister up the steps.

Then, with an abrupt movement, he came back to the envelopes and, pushing the tree aside, said: "We will take it up again presently; for, in order that you may understand now, it is necessary that events should pass in review before you, and that you should see in action all these actors ticketed here, each one summed up in a brief note.

" With that I pushed my money over to the colonel.

With a grunt of disgust, and a quick catching of the breath, as the cold water rushes up against his thighs, one of the boatmen splashes overboard, and they commence slowly and wearily pushing the boat up stream.

It was kneeling on the wide stone sill outside, and slowly, with infinite caution, was pushing the heavy window-sash up higher, so that it might be possible to crawl underneath and slip into the room.

Claire. DICK: (pushing back his egg)

" "It's strange," said Mrs. Cartwright, and then exclaimed: "You mean you gave her some?" "Oh, well," said Lister awkwardly, "I'd seen her look at her purse and frown, and as I helped her up the locomotive steps I pushed a few bills into her hand.

Before he got across the tent Maudie had pushed the flap aside and put in her head.

Prussia's obstinacy in pushing the war has made so many widows and orphans that all France is a PASS for TEARS.

Mr. Fletcher pushed the little hand-carriage in which his weak and ailing son was seated into the alley.

It seemed to come from behind a thicket of climbing roses; and he went towards the place and pushed the branches aside a little, so that he could look through.

" He pushed back the stools.

During the night they pushed their attack and succeeded in cutting their way through the defenses to the depth of nearly a mile in the direction of Zillebeke.

Feather-light in its individual flakes, in mass it made haste impossible; to push on six inches through it was labour; to come a dozen paces to Gratton was hard work.

And in the dreary days that followed, and in the wild nights when they pushed the trenches closer, there was much discussion as to the wisdom of letting the Sunlanders go.