1075 collocations for pushes

Civilization is pushing its way even towards this wild and, for all agricultural purposes, sterile region, and before many years even the Rackett will be within its ever-extending circle.

" It was then Mr. Kaminer pushed back his chair, flopped down his napkin, and rose, breathing heavily enough, but his face set in an exaggerated kind of quietude as he moved through the maze of tables, exchanged a check for his hat, and walked out.

There was a short pause while the man unscrewed his instrument; then he stepped back and pushed open the door.

"I been awake" She set the lamp down on the brown-marble top of a wash-stand, pushed back her hair with both hands, and sat down on the bed-edge, heavily breathing from a run through deserted night's streets.

We pushed our boat back towards the open water, when we heard the plunge of some animal into the lake, on the other side of the island.

" "I don't want any of your plagued policies!" exclaimed the irritated Gospeler, pushing away the hand striving to feel his pulse again.

Do I look more like a perfect lady with my hat over my right eye?" Billie chuckled and pushed the hat over Laura's nose, at which Laura would have protested vigorously and, if must be, forcefully, if there had not been other passengers in the train besides themselves.

she screamed, pushing the old man aside, and tugging at the bar which held the door in place.

Perro went so far as to push his plebeian head through the bars and look down into the street.

" "Yes," answered Jack ruefully; "and we're bound to be back late pushing this old thing all the way.

"Who knows," said Lethal, with a deceptive innocence of manner, "whether aristocracy itself be not founded in mesmerical deceptions?" "I think, Lethal," observed Adonaïs, "you push the matter.

Grope your way down the passage, push aside the curtain with your stickit is far too foul to touch with the handand the mystery is made plain.

" Fullaway pushed aside his plate.

Started with the dawn, and pushing our tired and hungry horses over the plain as fast as circumstances would admit, arrived at the encampment before the heat of the day became excessive.

" The boys waited for fully a minute and then, as nobody came to answer their summons, Dick pushed the button again.

Inert, slow, he had one qualification for his position: he could choose an assistant, or delegate authority with good judgment; and he found in Johnnie Consadine an adjutant so reliable, so apt, and of such ability, that he continually pushed more work upon her, if pay and honours did not always follow in adequate measure.

she cries, pushing away the brown linen arm coming after her again.

He took some bills from his wallet, and as he helped the girl up the steps pushed the paper into her hand.

" I did not, after this, push my inquiries farther; but remarked, aside to the Brahmin,"I would give a good deal to know this secret, provided it would suit our planet.

The mother pushed the child from her with a heart-broken gesture.

Say something, or I'll go mad!" He laid his paper across his knee, pushing up his glasses.

The locomotive pushed the cars, the train was long, and the lamp was but a few yards off.

I took hold of the ears of the moose, while Joe pushed his canoe down stream toward a favorable shore, and so we made out, though with some difficulty, its long nose frequently sticking in the bottom, to drag it into still shallower water.

Mary pushed her advantage.

Let me push back the curls from your brow, And look in your dark eyes and see What my bird is thinking of now.

1075 collocations for  pushes