5264 collocations for put

All at once, Tonnison spoke, and put his hand on my shoulder.

I was determined, if it were possible, to find and put an end to that swine-thing.

Then, out of the winding mist, she put her dear arms.

Who knows but that the Duke will put the tender question and will ask her to name the happy day?

One of them when he saw the pettifoggers putting their heads together, and lamenting their sad lot, up comes he and says: "Did not I tell you the Saturnalia could not last for ever?"

There is very little informal receiving, no more evenings with no amusement of any kind provided, and a small table at one end of the room with orangeade and cakes, which I remember when I was first married (and always in Lent the quartet of the Conservatoire playing classical symphonies, which of course put a stop to all conversation, as people listened to the artists of the Conservatoire in a sort of sacred silence).

So she takes possession of the little thing, and with a hand guided by experience and the instincts of affection, puts its things on in a Christian and comfortable way.

His horse put his foot in a hole and fell with him.

A fine line of pain, like a cord tightening, was binding her head, and she put up two fingers to each temple, pressing down the throb.

It ain't right to put a man ashore alone with such a crew.

So great was the ridicule, however, which followed, that he gave up his serious thoughts for the time, though it is related that he kept an alms-box, into which he put money whenever his conscience accused him of wrong-doing.

I don't think he liked it much either, but he put a better face on the matter.

There was a wind above my head, and I thought that I could almost put words to the tune.

It is best that you put on your hat and take your stupid self abroad.

Besides it would hardly be' Cricker put the case back.

Then we shut off the donkey engine, and put on dry clothes.

Well, then, he, putting full trust in the veiled meaning of my words, and choosing the proper time and place, came to an experience of that which I desired as much as he, although I feigned the contrary.

" "Then you put out the fire.

'Your scarf's coming off, you'll catch cold,' said Aylmer, and as he was trying, rather awkwardly, to put the piece of blue chiffon round her head he drew the dear head to him and kissed her harshly.

Gee, can't a feller walk?" "Put your books on the hat-rack.

"I remember that; but Jack's remorse put all thought of everything else out of my head.

"Never mind now; I am glad you have told me exactly the terms on which you wish me to approach your husband; but I think that I can so put matters to Sir Henry that he will be glad to consult me in my medical capacity.

"I went into your room, put out all the lights, and sat on the edge of the bed.

Maudie had put her letters unopened in her pocket, and told the man at the scales to weigh out two dollars to Windy, and charge to her.

But Carleton refused to receive it; and the garrison put a wooden horse and a bundle of hay on the walls with a placard bearing the inscription, 'When this horse has eaten this bunch of hay we will surrender.'

5264 collocations for  put
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