755 collocations for questioned

"The German government denies the right of neutrals to use arms at all within the areas of the sea which it has proscribed, even in the defense of rights which no modern publicist has ever before questioned their right to defend.

Finally, he began to question the attentive young men, to see how much of his instruction they had absorbed.

Locked thus within each other's arms, eye questioned eye, while ever the bell beat out its fierce alarm.

The act itself must appear so sinister and the impulse which drove me to it so incomprehensible, without the heart-rending explanation I dare not subjoin, that I never questioned the wisdom of silence in its regard.

For when they read their own gossip in the local column it gave them a sort of proprietary interest in the paper, and Bill had once thrashed a young clerk at Huntingdon for questioning the truth of an item the Sizers had contributed.

"For five-and-thirty years," she said, and with great justice, "I never have seen the individual who has dared in my own house to question my authority.

" There was an unmistakable ring of sincerity in his speech now, and, without going aside to question its motive, as a more penetrating mind might have done, Kelson accepted his friend's congratulations without question.

That sagacious person John Wesley, is reported to have replied to some one who questioned the propriety of his adaptation of sacred words to extremely secular airs, that he did not see why the Devil should be left in possession of all the best tunes.

She never questioned her child would be a boy.

He listened eagerly, while the others questioned the women.

"Doctor, what do you think?" "I do not question her veracity in the least.

Silently they withdrew; nor did they, even by the expression of their countenances, seem to question the justice of their chastisement.

I endeavoured also, to collect such articles as I thought would be most curious and rare in my own country, and most likely to produce conviction with those who might be disposed to question the fact of my voyage.

By that unwritten code by which we are all governed nowadays, Howard could not obtrude by questioning his friend, and Stafford showed no signs of making any voluntary statement or explanation.

He had taught a class of boys near her class in Sunday school, and had been struck with the dull, mechanical tone in which she had questioned the attentive little girls who crowded around her.

The Princess, Sir, questions my Power, and says, I cannot gain so much upon your Goodness.

Nor will many question the accuracy of the second count in Pope Benedict's indictment.

" "And wherefore?" questioned Beltane.

" We cannot for a moment question the sincerity of purpose and honesty of intention of many of the leaders of modern scientific enlightenment, whatever we may think of the said crowd of vulgarisateursthose camp-followers who bring disgrace on every respectable cause.

Quoth he: "Tall brother and lord, now do I see that our Roger burneth for knowledge, panteth for understanding, and fain would question thee but that his mouth is full-crammed of meat.

As it was, however, I would not let these mutinous men who called themselves soldiers see that we from Cherry Valley would question a commander's orders, whatever might be the situation, and I held my peace, but with much effort and inward fear.

He had no hesitation in differing from others if he saw reason; indeed, he sometimes showed that he rather liked to differ, or chose at least, by questioning their opinions, to intimate that they were prematurely formed.

"We haven't questioned the servants yet," he said briefly.

His order to George made the big man's eyes widen, but George had long since passed the point where he cared to question the decision of his master.

The feeble energy, the faltering and reluctant spirit, the weariness in well-doing with which too many believers impoverish and sadden their own hearts, make other men question the reality and value of religion and turn away from it in cool neglect.

755 collocations for  questioned