1049 collocations for quits

forc'd me to quit the House, lest the Constable had done it for me; then that that silly Baud should discover all to my Cully.

"Will you stay here or" Kelson made an irresolute movement as though wavering between the implied invitation to quit the room and an inclination not to run away from the grim business.

She listened with gentle serenity to his protestations, checking him only by the threat to quit the place and return to her father.

Cato thus spoke, and quitted the country without consulting the oracle.

"I won't even toss pennies with you to find out who quits the service.

These deputies, on their arrival, visiting the temple of the god, a huge serpent came from under the altar, and crossing the city, went directly to their ship, and lay down in the cabin of Ogulnius; upon which they set sail immediately, and arriving in the Tiber, the serpent quitted the ship, and retired to a little island opposite to the city, where a temple was erected to the god, and the pestilence ceased.

Hannibal, slipping off during the confusion, with a few horsemen, came to Adrumetum, not quitting the field till he had tried every expedient both in the battle and before the engagement; having, according to the admission of Scipio and everyone skilled in military science, acquired the fame of having marshalled his troops on that day with singular judgment.

She was the speediest girl on the main floor, and now that she's come into those five hundred, instead of planting it for a rainy day, she's quit work and gone plumb crazy with it.

When Buddha was about to attain to his pari-nirvâna, as he was quitting the city by the west gate, he turned round, and, beholding the city on his right, said to them, "Here I have taken my last walk."

Heywood and Rudolph stood near the water gate, and argued with Gilbert Forrester, who would not quit his post for either of them.

Aug. 3British fleet mobilizes; Belgium appeals to Great Britain for diplomatic aid and German ambassador quits Paris.

To diminish the crowd accumulated in the city was doubtless of beneficial tendency, and perhaps those who went aboard might consider it as a chance of escape to quit an infected home.

About the same date he suffered from an illness which he regarded as a dangerous pulmonary attack, and he made up his mind to quit England for Italy; accompanied by his wife, their two infants William and Clara, Miss Clairmont, and her infant Allegra, who was soon afterwards consigned to Lord Byron in Venice.

He had quitted the stage some months; and, as I learned afterwards, had been in the habit of resorting daily to these gardens almost to the day of his decease.

To quit this tiresome subject, and to relieve you from two or three dismal yawns, which I hear in spirit, I here conclude my more than commonly obtuse letter,dull up to the dulness of a Dutch commentator on Shakspeare.

Meanwhile Káús suffered the keenest distress and sorrow when he heard of the flight of Saiáwush into Túrán, and Rustem felt such strong indignation at the conduct of the king that he abruptly quitted the court, without permission, and retired to Sístán.

And as I quitted the palace bearing the missive, I came upon a great procession.

O blest retirement, friend to life's decline, Retreats from care, that never must be mine, How happy he who crowns in shades like these A youth of labour with an age of ease; Who quits a world where strong temptations try, And, since 'tis hard to combat, learns to fly!

The Countess Lanovitch never quitted her own apartments before mid-day.

renounce &c (abjure) 607; forego, have done with, drop; disuse &c 678; discard &c 782; wash one's hands of; drop all idea of. break off, leave off; desist; stop &c (cease) 142; hold one's hand, stay one's hand; quit one's hold; give over, shut up shop.

It was her father's way, when resolutely opposed, to quit the scene and without confessing himself in the wrong, do as Kate urged.

"Wretch," said Æolus, "avaunt, and quit our shores: it fits not us to convoy men whom the gods hate, and will have perish.

"Loud was now the clamor and great the slaughter; many a soul then quitted the body it inhabited.

By means of the portion he received with my mother, together with his own earnings, he was enabled to quit the life of a sailor, to which he had been bred, and to enter into trade.

He knew it, and quitted the town as if going to the chase, foreseeing that, when these turbulent men had obtained possession of the authority and the gold, they would so abuse the one and the other that all the rational part of the community would be in haste to recall him.

1049 collocations for  quits