2026 collocations for raises

Very gently, I turned her over, and raised her head somewhat.

I raised both hands, felt steel, and knew that I was in the grasp of Handy Solomon's claw.

Even as I raised my eyes, I was thrilled with a feeling of wonder; for, now, the hazy light had resolved into a single, great star, of vivid green.

Again, I called, raising my voice slightly; still he moved not.

We raised money on the mine, and are ready to pay off the mortgage.

Mechanically, like some huge, hideous toy, he raised first one arm, then the other, and hitched himself halfway up on the stern seat.

Mr. Charteris heard him to the end, and languidly made as to applaud; then Mr. Charteris raised his eyebrows.

Darrow drew himself up to the sky line, raised his hat ironically, and disappeared.

No, not till you raise your Siege, and be gone; go march to your Lady of Love, and DebauchgoYou get no Celinda here.

A long-drawn, irrepressible aspiration of expectancy rose from the warship's decks as the stranger raised his haggard face, turned eyes unseeingly upon them, and fell back.

He wouldn't at present raise the question; thinking she would soon get over such a rotten idea.

But, when set at large, the helpless youth could not turn a corner without meeting some bald-headed reporter who raised the cry of "Stop thief!"

I raised a glass of the enchanted fluid to my lips: but my nose said very positively, "Don't do it," and I didn't.

The bystanders were startin' for derricks and jack-screws to raise the fat men off from each other.

Married a child still playing with her dolls, and sent at once to a convent to learn to read and write, she became a woman the instant her husband became a captive; while he watered his pinks in the garden at Vincennes, she went through France and raised an army for his relief.

"Any time a club has three games on its own grounds in a series where four victories decide the issue either it or its followers have not much chance to raise an objection.

6d., are prudently going to raise their price another shilling; and having already more authors than they want, intend to increase the number of them.

The Master's answer was, "Give a foremost place to honesty and faithfulness, and tread the path of righteousness, and you will raise the standard of virtue.

Russell I woke up one morning and found that I was dead broke;this is not an unusual occurrence to a frontiersman, or an author I may add, especially when he is endeavoring to kill timeto raise necessary funds I sold my race horse Tall Bull to Lieutenant Mason, who had long wanted him.

We had better take a speeder to raise our spirits.

"Lord," quoth he in a voice of awe, but Beltane strode on unheeding, whereat Roger's eyes grew round and his ruddy cheek pale, and clenching his fist, he raised aloft his first and little fingers so that they formed two horns, and with the horns he touched Beltane lightly on the shoulder.

They denied the power of Congress, under the Constitution, to levy duties on imported merchandize, for the purpose of favoring the home manufacturer, and maintained that it could only lay duties for the sake of raising a revenue.

He struts if he walks with a proud or affectedly dignified gait, especially if he also raises his feet high.

Mr. Knox raised a small sum of money by subscription, with which he purchased several ladders, and they were frequently brought into requisition by the little band of men whom Mr. Knox had associated with him.

I galloped towards him for fifty yards and he advanced towards me about the same distance, both of us riding at full speed, and then, when we were only about thirty yards apart, I raised my rifle and fired; his horse fell to the ground, having been killed by my bullet.

2026 collocations for  raises