50 collocations for rambling

And so to bed, passing on the broad oak staircase the weird picture of the man who built this rambling old house more than three hundred years ago.

The mere fact of her not answering, and the final touch of well-being which her gesture gave, reminded him of other summer days they had spent together long rambling boy-and-girl days in the hot woods and fields, when they had never thought of talking to each other unless there was something they particularly wanted to say.

She went several rods behind the wagon, and as they rushed and plodded along according to old Tom's temper, I noticed that she rambled over the prairie a good deal picking flowers; and you would hardly have thought to look at her that she belonged to the Fewkes outfit at all.

And what memories arose at the sight of that sorrowful lady leading that infirm, aged man, for those who had known the young couple, all tenderness and good looks, rambling along the secluded paths of Janville, amid the careless delights of their love.

When the carriage drive which wound through the plantation had been passed the house burst abruptly into viewa big, rambling building of uncompromising ugliness.

Amy Stonington lived in a large, rambling wooden structure, too large for the needs of the family, but artistic nevertheless.

In these profuse strains of unpremeditated art, apparently the merest of rambling commonplace, he had plainly conveyed to his henchmen that, though foiled by the countryman's straightforward single-mindedness, they were not to adopt a policy of scuttle, but persevere in the paths of manifest destiny to benevolent assimilation; at the same time adroitly extricating his embarrassed lieutenant from a very present predicament.

The spectacled hunchback had repeated it, with noisy appreciation, had tossed it towards the fair-haired student with an evident provocation, and had started one of these vague, rambling discussions on generalities, so unaccountably dear to the student mind all the world over.

He was perpetually making excursions not only to Dublin, and other places in Ireland, but likewise to London; so rambling a disposition occasioned to him a considerable loss.

The magpie chatters with delight; 5 The mountain raven's youngling brood Have left the mother and the nest; And they go rambling east and west In search of their own food; Or through the glittering vapours dart 10 In very wantonness of heart.

Somewhere in it was an old one-story manor house of rambling ells and verandas.

To her father she chattered mostly of Canada, and he would sit in the shade of the cottage, listening to her while she described their life; the big, rambling farm, the children she had been brought up with, the great lake with its ice and its storms, the apple-orchards, the sleighing in winter, the beauty of the fall, the splendour of the summers, the boom that was beginning 'up west.'

"We have rambled out so farso far!

I have rambled a very little "inter fontes et flumina nota," but I am not yet well.

When, as I rambled thro' thy vineyard-ground On the hill-side, thou sent'st thy little son, Charged with a bunch almost as big as he, To press it on the stranger.

I speak too much at random, and say more than I meana foolish, rambling habit: so do not repeat one word of it, not one word to any living mortal.

From the upper story no doubt, but in that rambling habitation there was so much scope for uncertainty.

"And to Billie she left her rambling old homestead at Cherry Corners.

Returning our borrowed belts and trinkets, we rambled homeward.

They're drovers and rambling labourers and the like, though, as you say, they've the song and music, and the proper talk.

He rambled around a little and stood and looked at me awhile, he says.

He was perpetually making excursions not only to Dublin, and other places in Ireland, but likewise to London; so rambling a disposition occasioned to him a considerable loss.

" The morning went on, and Keswick found that he must go out again for a walk, although he had rambled several miles before breakfast.

" Standing at a table in the center of the stage, with his friends grouped about him, he delivers that inimitable, rambling character monologue so famous in A Magnolia Flower, at the same time that he deftly makes juleps for the party.

Mr. Ruddiman rambled musing.

50 collocations for  rambling