64 collocations for rap

But iss Rome yet a fortify town?" Chantel rapped out a Parisian oath.

" She rapped her knuckles impatiently on the table.

It is often made a joke against naval officers of a certain age that, before eating a biscuit, they have a trick of rapping the table with it.

Why, thou didst but just now rap me thrice, and I thee never a once, save by overbearing thee by my strength.

Occasionally the big dog rapped the floor with his stubby tail.

"Whose is this?" he asked, rapping a door.

The latter was saying, as he soundly rapped his pouncet-box, "His demeanour is too provincial, too provincialah!"and

Being of a satirical character it, of course, often rapped certain people over the knuckles in a way they did not appreciate.

Furious tradesmen of every kind were ringing the house-bell, and rapping the knocker for admittancesuch, at least, as could press through the crowd as far as the house.

Murray rapped a single to left field but Merkle struck out.

As he spoke thus, he rapped his finger down on the copy of the sacred envelope which he was using.

And waking from her reverie of grief, while her eye was yet wet with tears, would call her little waiter, and if she did not appear at the first call, would rap her head with her thimble till my head ached.

Then quickly and with a dainty backhanded blow, he rapped Eric beneath his guard so shrewdly that it made his head ring again.

"Do you hear?" rapped out Sir Beverley.

Stahl rapped a grounder to Marquard, who threw Gardner out at third.

And she rapped smartly her knife-handle upon the table.

If a young male moose was coming, he'd mind his steps, I can assure you, on account of fear of the old ones, but if it was an old fellow, you'd hear him stepping out bravely and rapping his horns against the trees, and plunging into any water that came in his way.

" "My first thought was," said Smith, "that we had got among the spirits of the woods, and that they were 'rapping' their indignation at our presence, there was something so human about it.

And both rapped out the same inquiry, in identical words: "Some news?" I looked as eagerly at the butler as they did.

Bill was always rapping Kaiser with pans or billets of firewood.

In his harshest tones he rapped out at the Sergeant, "My knife!

His pulses, too, were rapping out a message to his intelligence: "You had better not go in," it ran.

I reached out very cautiously, and rapped the muzzle of my pistol on the floor twice.

And both rapped out the same inquiry, in identical words: "Some news?" I looked as eagerly at the butler as they did.

The Cabinet Minister controlled his indignation admirably, and with his pudgy knuckles rapped the offending newspaper, with the motion used by a carpenter when trying to locate the joist in a plastered wall, as he said: "Here is absolutely the most damnably mischievous thing I have seen for years, and this abominable sheet is featuring it on the Women's Page.

64 collocations for  rap
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