7 collocations for raped

Their task was to murder Armenians, their pay was the privilege to rape their girls and their women, and to rob the houses of the men they had killed.

They were the breed which, at the word of command, had stolen out to drown women and children; had raped women in the streets at the word of command; and, always at the word of command, had sprayed petrol, or squirted flame; or defiled the property and persons of their captives.

" And men below rear temples high And mock their God with reasons why, And live in arrogance, sin and shame, And rape their souls for the world's good name.

The story was that the burgomaster's son shot him because he had raped his sister.

What should we say if United States troops entered the town of Wellesley and raped numerous students at the college, the officers subsequently taking away with them the young ladies who happened to suit them?

When they told him quite seriously that the Ganges was sent from heaven, and had wandered a thousand years in the hair of Shiv before flowing down upon the plains with beauty and plenty and healing for sin-spent manBedient instantly comprehended the meaning of the figure: that the hair of Shiv was the Himalayas, whose peaks continually rape the rain-clouds.

This simple fact, however, has been so little understood of lovers, that husbands have, in genuine ignorance of the cruelty they were committing, raped their wives on their wedding night.

7 collocations for  raped