39 collocations for raved

Oh, raving madmen!

He raves perpetually about "greenfields," "jaunty streams," and "o'er-arching leafiness," exactly as a Cheapside shop-keeper does about the beauties of his box on the Camberwell road.

But, anyway, you and I are going to have a good hike, you little raving Raven," I said; "just as soon as we can.

Enough you've raved," and once more he waved his wrench in a forceful way, "O' the cunning creed o' some Russian breed; I stand for the U.S.A.!

What did you think of her?" Rosamond's intuition saw what she was required to think, and being experienced in raving brothers, she praised the fine face and figure so as to find the way to his heart.

Given a violent convulsion (only just such a slipping of strata as carelessly piled volumes will accomplish in a book-case) and behold, the heir of all the ages is stark, raving mada brute among the dishevelled hills.

With ancient swords, with axe and dagger and fierce-rending teeth they fought, those fathers of Belsaye; thick and fast they fell, yet never alone, while ever they raved on, a company of madmen, behind the friar's white robe.

Here for a time we leave them, Hagar raving mad, Madam Conway in strong hysterics, Theo wishing herself anywhere but at Hillsdale, Mrs. Jeffrey ditto, George Douglas threading the crowded streets of the noisy city, and Mr. Carrollton in Boston, growing paler and sadder as day after day passed by, bringing him no trace of the lost one.

He used to rave a great deal about two orphans and a will, and he would ransack the bed, and pull up the sheets, and look under the pillows, as if he thought it was there.

A most vulgar spectacle was offered by many of the English candidates, among whom were several members of the War Cabinet, who used language worthy of raving dervishes before crowds hypnotized by promises of the most impossible things.

Gelidum contristat Aquarius annum: the time requires, and the autumn breeds it; winter is like unto it, ugly, foul, squalid, the air works on all men, more or less, but especially on such as are melancholy, or inclined to it, as Lemnius holds, "They are most moved with it, and those which are already mad, rave downright, either in, or against a tempest.

Add to this, that Hamletsee later in his speeches to Osrickehad a lively inclination to answer a fool according to his folly (256), to outherod Herod if Herod would rave, out-euphuize Euphues himself if he would be ridiculous:the digestion of all these things in the retort of meditation will result, I would fain think, in an understanding and artistic justification of even this speech of Hamlet: the more I consider it the truer it seems.

Then, while the air seemed to brim over with the song of many birds, all blended together and all joying in the misty morn, each man raved face and hands in the leaping brook, and so the day began.

This was said to me, in the interview I held with the I rave fellow after his liberation from prison.

She rave a gasp, and after a moment plunged on into her wrongs: "Whenwhen one of us even walks past on the street, theythey whistle and say a-all kinds of things out loud, j-just as if w-we weren't there at all.

That hope is pastthe storm has ceased to rave My ripening honours wither in the grave; Then let no vengeance on my comrades fall, Mine was the guilt, and mine the sorrow, all; How often have I sought theeoft my mind Figured thee to my sighto'erjoyed to find My mother's token; disappointment came, When thou denied thy lineage and thy name; Oh!

"You may smile!" raved the indignant Mr. Porter.

mismo* the same thing; likewise); * que* that which, what; how much, how; * es* it is; it is so *lobreguez* f. darkness *loco* crazy; * de atar* raving lunatic *locura* f.madness; act of madness *lograr* succeed; succeed in *Londres

For it is nothing else, Mr. Denton, but raving lunacy!

Men of science (not being raving lunatics) never said that there had been "an incessant rise in the scale of being;" for an incessant rise would mean a rise without any relapse or failure; and physical evolution is full of relapse and failure.

He felt that his brain was giving way, that if he did not find change, whatever it was, he must surely run raving mad.

"Never mind," she said, eagerly, "the words come back to me whenever I think of the life I have to face, and I want them written; they soothe me, as they soothed that frightened woman and raving man.

They say, those who are bitten by the tarantula, and get dancing mad, think the wondering crowd about them raving maniacs.

Eusebia's sons, in laws divine possest, Can learn from you how truth should be exprest; Whether in modest terms, like balm, to heal; Or raving notions, falsly counted zeal.

I said, "Maybe you raving Ravens won't rave so much when you find out he's sick in bed."

39 collocations for  raved