57 collocations for readjusts

He seated himself and readjusted his eye-glasses.

My bowler was knocked over my eyes, and though an officer of the boat cried the reassuring intelligence that it was a false alarmthat the gangway was "all right," and never had been anything but all right, I could not readjust my hat nor see what was going on until the fat nurse had obligingly retrieved her charge, without a word of thanks.

It seemed rather a tragedy, at best, to leave the bland Californian skies and to readjust life amid the iron compulsion of Chicago.

In the twelve seconds that intervened between the laying down of the pencil and the sitting up in his chair he had hastily readjusted all his well-founded preconceived ideas on the appearance of shop-girl applicants.

The Assembly was in session, and the remedy was applied in the shape of a bill readjusting the district lines to fit the political necessity.

The doctor readjusted his pince-nez, and seated himself with some deliberation on the foot of the bed.

Countless times he rolled out of his own bunk, heavy-eyed and stiff, to readjust the screen when it had blown down, to put more wood on his fire, to make sure that Gloria was covered and warm, sleeping heavily, and not dead.

After five miles or so, the driver pulled up and descended to readjust his harness, whereupon I got out and asked him in the best Russian I could command: "Where are we going?"

The young woman readjusted her somewhat draggled plumes with a feeble, faded coquetry; Mother Shipton eyed the possessor of "Five Spot" with malevolence, and Uncle Billy included the whole party in one sweeping anathema.

" The man in the corner readjusted his collar and necktie, which, during the narrative of this interesting mystery, had worked its way up his long, crane-like neck under his large flappy ears.

"How do you make that out?" Mr. Tutt readjusted his spectacles and slowly selected a stogy from the bundle in the dusty old cigar box.

She got up, went to her mirror, smoothed her rippled hair with two strokes of a brush, readjusted her cap, and decided that, for once, a little powder on the nose was a necessity.

He had caught the free, fearless confidence of her leap over the wheel, and her graceful abandon as she stood there, finely erect and full-curved, her head with its Greek lines thrown well back, and her strong hands raised to readjust the dusky hair that tumbled about her head like a storm-cloud.

Two or three times, on such awaking, I went to examine the metacompass, and on one occasion found it necessary slightly to readjust the helm; the stars by which I steered having moved some second or two to the right of their proper position.

" Then as he saw that she was putting into effect her former resolve of going out, despite the rain, and was once more readjusting her hood for that purpose, he opened the door for her, and whispered as he followed her out: "An you will allow me, my dear Editha, I'll accompany you on your walk ...

It was only when she smiled, a smile which, curiously enough, seemed to bring back something of that aging sadness into her face, that he found himself able to readjust his tangled impressions.

Since 1789, every highly civilized Western people have readjusted their institutions at least once, yet not one has in this respect imitated us, though all have borrowed freely from the parliamentary system of England.

It is an easier matter for one person to readjust her living than for a whole family to change.

At last they readjusted the loads and started climbing again.

The doctor had readjusted the logs upon the andirons, and was just putting the tongs in their place when a maidservant came in.

He was glad he could look about him without meeting Undine's eyes, and he understood that what had been done to his room he must do to his memory and his imagination: he must so readjust his mind that, whichever way he turned his thoughts, her face should no longer confront him.

"What?" exclaimed Britt, turning upon Saunders so abruptly that the little man jumped, and immediately began to readjust his necktie.

"'This object is all mine?' "'That object is yours entirely.' "Straightway monsieur opened his paletot, arranged the guard splendidly across his chest, displaying as much and suppressing as little as he could: for he had no notion of concealing what he admired and thought decorative.... "'À present c'est un fait accompli,' said he, readjusting his paletot...." To the last gesture of Monsieur it is superb.

Prominent among the southerners who endeavored to readjust their policy of enlightening the black population, were Bishop William Meade, Bishop William Capers, and Rev. C.C. Jones.

He smiled half wryly and readjusted his position in the chair.

57 collocations for  readjusts
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