199 collocations for rebuke

He rebukes the private sins of individuals and the public sins of nations.

They rebuked the blind man who called after Him.

If any man chooses to explain that, by saying that the story was all invented by priests and prophets afterwards, to rebuke the people for falling into idolatry, he must have his fancy.

" He felt a twinge of conscience at rebuking his wife, even in thought.

That which contributes in all latitudes and climes to make Christians feel their unity, to rebuke the spirit of strife, and to open upon them the day of brotherly concordthe Bible!the Bible!through Bible Societies!

He rebuked the winds, and said unto the sea:" Peace: be still."

He was a bold man, and a good one, I think; but the best should be careful how they rebuke kings.

The Almighty thus rebuked the patriarch: have I borne with him three-score and ten years, and couldst thou not bear with him one night?

While, therefore, John the Baptist, with marked fidelity and great power, acted among the Jews the part of a reprover, he found no occasion to repeat and apply the language of his predecessors,[B] in exposing and rebuking idolatry and slaveholding.

"' 'When the rumour was strong that we should have a war, because the French would assist the Americans, he rebuked a friend with some asperity for supposing it, saying, "No, Sir, national faith is not yet sunk so low.

In the beginning the word was used to rebuke the treason that was done.

" "No, no; it was only that it was the hour at which I had intended to rebuke the conduct of a presumptuous person.

Why should it seem strange, my friends, to us, if we are in the habit of training our children, and rebuking our children, as we ought?

Linnet!" rebuked her mother, shutting the oven door, "I thought you were only playing.

The rigid and fearless metropolitan, instead of telling stories at his table and winking at his infamies, openly rebuked his extortions and exposed his robberies.

10.Yours to rebuke the foolish, to punish the hosts, turning disorder into order [restraint] of the stubborn, obstinate, wretched.

Assuredly I am aware that we may rebuke "the world" and "worldliness," in a legitimate and modified sense, as being the system of selfishness: true,and I have avowed this in another work; but it does not follow that Jesus and the apostles did not go farther: and manifestly they did.

When Jerusalem was won and small parties of our soldiers were allowed to see the Holy City, their politeness to the inhabitants, patriarch or priest, trader or beggar, man or woman, rebuked the thought that the age of chivalry was past, while the reverent attitude involuntarily adopted by every man when seeing the Sacred Places suggested that no Crusader Army or band of pilgrims ever came to the Holy Land under a more pious influence.

I will rebuke for your sakes the devourer that he destroy not the fruit of the ground, Neither shall the vine fail to ripen its fruit in the field,

The Stoics rebuke the impiety which is blended with sensualism, and place their hopes on virtue.

Then he sends for the nobles and all those who had oppressed the people, and he gives them very plainly his mind on the matter: 'I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact usury, every one of his brother.'

The 82nd Psalm rebukes unjust governors; and at length says to them: "I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high: but ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."

"He rebuked the Red sea also, and it was dried up.

Were I writing in accordance with the maxims of a corrupt world, instead of the truth of Jesus Christ, I should defend and extol, rather than rebuke the doctrine, that we may prefer the interests of one section of the human family to those of another.

The unhappy secretary was rendered almost insane with terror, but his master sternly rebuked his fears.

199 collocations for  rebuke