32 collocations for reestablishing

This treaty with the emperour of Germany, was, however, by no means improper, nor could we, after the errours which had been committed, do any thing more effectual to preserve the balance of Europe, and reestablish our credit.

Although his first attack had been repelled by Simon, he again attempted, on the accession of Hyrcanus, to reestablish his authority in Palestine.

The council of Norway and the people were willing to accept a union with a more populous country under a powerful sovereign in order to obtain peace and reestablish order and prosperity.

They kept acting this way toward each other until Ben-Nacer came to examine the villages where so many crimes were committed, and he reestablished peace and order.

May reestablish the fortunes of a fallen family.

this war will reestablish that character for honor and spirit which our country has lost through the proceedings of Federalists.

She was the person to reestablish chivalry, which in her found the purity of its now-effaced type; but she died too soon, and had not sufficient imitators.

But England is reestablishing her former agricultural trade connections.

In the opinion of the Mexican functionary who has just left us, the honor of his country will be wounded by American soldiers entering, with the most amicable avowed purposes, upon ground from which the followers of his Government have been expelled, and over which there is at present no certainty of a serious effort on its part being made to reestablish its dominion.

To reestablish it under the Constitution and laws of the United States was, therefore, the first duty of the President, and he began to do so at once.

The antagonism of the United States Government against Huerta was so marked that at length the anxious South American Powers urged that they be allowed to mediate between the two; and the United States readily accepted this happy method of proving her real devotion to arbitration and of reestablishing the harmony of the Americas.

As Miss Sallie objected to marrying him while he was so much of an invalid, he had come to Clifton, hoping to reestablish his health so as to bring home his wife in the autumn, for which event great preparations were making in the family of Miss Sallie.

The King of France received Warwick with the greatest demonstrations of regard, and hoped to make him his instrument in overturning the government of England and reestablishing the house of Lancaster.

A little frankness operates, in a secret trade, like equity in the courts; which reestablishes the justice that the law has destroyed.

Louis, by means as secret and varied as his cunning could suggest, gradually reestablished an undisputed leadership above his lords.

Operations officers began connecting portable power systems to various parts of the complex to reestablish the lights and get the airlocks working again.

Unless you behave like a damn fool, you can reestablish some measure of control over her.

I shall promptly give my sanction to any constitutional measure which, originating in Congress, shall have for its object the restoration of a sound circulating medium, so essentially necessary to give confidence in all the transactions of life, to secure to industry its just and adequate rewards, and to reestablish the public prosperity.

If we reflect, my lords, upon the causes which have contributed to the rescue of Europe from impending slavery, which have reestablished the queen of Hungary in her dominions, enabled her to lay waste the territories of her invaders, confirmed her friends in their fidelity, and intimidated those whom rival interests inclined to wish her fall, or the hope of sharing in the plunder, had incited to form designs against her.

At such a time the tariff may have worked toward checking the fall and earlier reestablishing a more favorable ratio.

In reestablishing the credit of this central Government the readiest and most obvious mode is taken to restore the credit of the States.

After that, Huerta sought to reestablish the old Diaz regime of wealth and terrorism; but he only succeeded in plunging the land back into utter barbarism.

So she asked God to protect the boy, and promised that when he grew up he should reestablish God's holy religion, which had then been overthrown.

The idea of emancipating themselves from the yoke of the Pope, and of reestablishing the old Republic, flattered their Roman pride.

In like manner, if they could be prevailed on to reestablish our right of cutting logwood in the Bay of Campeachy on the footing on which it stood before the treaty of 1763, it would be desirable and not endanger to us any contest with the English, who by the revolution treaty are restrained to the southeastern parts of Yucatan.

32 collocations for  reestablishing