39 collocations for reins

Swift they rode, the throng parting before them; knee and knee together they leapt the palisade, and reining in their horses, paced down the lists and halted before the pale and trembling captive.

Being come where the witch stood, her disordered garments rent by vicious handling, striving to veil her beauty in her long, dark hair, my lord Duke reined in his pawing steed to sit a while and look down at her 'neath sleepy lids; and, ever as he looked, his arching nostrils fluttered above curling lip, and ever he fingered his long, blue-shaven chin.

" The foreman holstered the gun and reined round toward Waring.

I had reined up the mare and was looking at him with some disgust, for it seemed strange to me that one who wore so gorgeous a uniform should show himself in such a state in broad daylight.

And as she went, she sang aloud a melancholy strain; "And who would wish to die," she said, "though death be free from pain?" To shun suspicion's eye, at last she left the king's highway, And took the journey toward Seville that thro' a bypath lay; With loosened rein her gallant steed right swiftly did she ride, Yet to her fear he did appear like a rock on the rough wayside.

Wonder filled it as she rode home to Bayfield, and by the bridge she reined up Mercury as if to take her bearings in an unfamiliar country.

Chorus Then give your horses rein across the open plain, We’ll ship our meat both sound and sweet, nor care what some folks say; And frozen we’ll send home the cattle that now roam On the far Barcoo and the Flinders too, a thousand miles away.

Squawking and chattering like parrot and monkey, they spurred forward, whirled back, gathered lassos, cursed frantically as Sam fell, sped off into the fog, spurred back again, and now reined their ponies to their haunches, while Kincaid halted Maxime with Gibbs's revolver, and Greenleaf sprang to the bits of his own and Hilary's terrified horses.

* No more this hand, since happier days succeed, Waves the bright blade, or reins the fiery steed.

Rests the Golden Circle's glory, rests the silver gleam on her Who shall rein Kargynda's fury with a thread of gossamer.

It is worth while to give the complete summary, as sensible as it is firm, a truthful echo of the thoughts in the minds of the cream of the men who had ardently desired reforms, and who attempted in vain to rein up the revolution in that fatal course which was to cost the lives of many amongst them, and the happiness and peace of nearly all.

Dorothy reined Chinook round, and rode slowly down through the silent woodlands.

I never heard but one reason given for reining the heads of a mule-team up tight, and that was, that it made the animals look better.

Don't wind that rein round yore wrist!

There was no one on the road ahead, nor behind; only young corn in the sloping field on the left, and now the big woods closed in on the right, and Beth reined a little.

Old Heck, white-faced, but his lips drawn in a smile of satisfaction, stood up in the Clagstone "Six" and watched the Ramblin' Kidhis eyes set and staring, his body twitching convulsively, check the filly, swing her around, ride back to the judges' stand, weakly fling up a hand in salute and then, barely able to sit in the saddle, rein the Gold Dust maverick off the track and ride toward the box stall.

He did not relish being put in the background as a pack-horse, and accordingly, whenever we approached a stream, where the file broke up to permit each horseman to choose his own place of fording, it was, invariably the case that just as I was reining Jerry into the water, Brunet would come rushing past and throw himself into our very footsteps.

He reined up his cob and begged a cigarette.

They had remained silent thus far, but now one of them, a fellow with dark eyes and a sallow complexion, reined his horse nearer the car and removed his hat with a sweeping gesture that was not ungraceful.

So sure were they that the great disbursements necessary would cause him to rein in his ambition if he should learn beforehand the exact amount.

See, see, He reins his docile barb with manly grace.

" He stretched out his hand eagerly, but Dan reined Satan back.

Omrahs about him crowd, And rein the Arabian steed, and watch his nod: 330 And potent Rajahs, who themselves preside O'er realms of wide extent; but here submiss Their homage pay, alternate kings and slaves.

But in vain she tried to rein Tam in.

Chuck and Bert reined their bronchos up to Parker.

39 collocations for  reins