102 collocations for rejoice

They opened the doors on the platform side, and if we were on a line between two platforms, they opened the doors on both sides so as to rejoice German hearts by the sight of us.

Let Christ rejoice on earth, as he rejoices in heaven, when he foresees coming to salvation so many souls of people hitherto lost.

1. I, the singer, have entered many flower gardens, places of pleasaunce, favored spots, where the dew spread out its glittering surface, where sang various lovely birds, where the coyol birds let fall their song, and spreading far around, their voices rejoiced the Cause of All, He who is God, ohuaya! ohuaya!

All rejoiced thereat and were amazed at the wonder wrought.

Shepherd, show me how to go O'er the hillside steep, How to gather, how to sow, How to feed Thy sheep; I will listen for Thy voice, Lest my footsteps stray, I will follow and rejoice All the rugged way.

The only joy on earth will be again to send the shield-flower, again to rejoice the Giver of Life; already are discontented the faces of the workers in filth.

One morning, when she got out of bed, she fell, and crawling into bed again, quietly said she could do no more; lay there for some months, suffering horribly with unvarying patience; and died, rejoicing that at last she would have "rest".

Wasn't there rejoicing among us boys to see old Lion coming back, We took care of him and he got well again.

The bells rang, the three wise men had set out, followed by the people, by rejoicing nature, smiling on the infant in its swaddling clothes.

THE IDEAL AND THE ACTUAL LIFE (1795) I Forever fair, forever calm and bright, Life flies on plumage, zephyr-light, For those who on the Olympian hill rejoice Moons wane, and races wither to the tomb, And 'mid the universal ruin, bloom

"Money abounds in the kingdom," the comptroller-general would remark to the king; "the people never had more openings for work; lavishness rejoices their eyes, because it sets their hands going.

However rejoiced the nation at large might be at the overthrow of Robespierre, no one was deceived as to the motives which actuated his colleagues in the Committee.

"Rejoice | ye na | -tions, vin | -dicate | the sway Ordain'd | for com | -mon hap

Every thing, however, was tranquil on our arrival, and rejoicing it was no worse, though Mons. seemed to be under great apprehension for his horses, we sat down to what in France is called a late dinner.

and may his voice Call up the nations to rejoice That War his tatter'd flag has furl'd, And vanish'd from a wiser world!

Let him turn from his father's evil ways, and do that which is lawful and right, and then he can say with the Prophet, in answer to all the strokes of fortune and the miseries of circumstance, "Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall I shall arise."

With this message, Bâlachandrika went to rejoice her friend; and the prince, though much comforted, could not remain quiet, but walked to the park, to have the pleasure of seeing at least the place where he had first met his charmer.

The Jewish musicians, seated at the bottom of the hall, struck up a loud, rejoicing harmony on their violins, guitars, and dulcimers, and the women servants, grouped at the door, uttered in chorus that wild, shrill cry, which accompanies all such festivals in the East.

Then if you hanker for this battery as it hankers for you" "Mary, Queen of Scots!" rejoiced Hilary.

It is for this reason I have feared for you ever since your entrance; for tho' I should rejoice in so agreeable a companion, I know too well the miseries of an enforced attachment to wish you to be partaker of it.

More and more the Church is lifting the standards of a noble, proud, pure, and rejoicing married life.

He had brought offerings of eggs and feathers to Lady Rosamond, and pockets full of curiosities for all his village friends; also, he had been at the Cape, had seen Glen Fraser, rejoiced the inhabitants with his accounts of Anne, and brought home a delightful budget for her.

They with rejoicing the festive trees of liberty planted, Promising every man what was his own, and to each his own ruling.

Brought up in the midst of slavery, he is (I rejoice to hear) a cordial hater of the system.

In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice: Forever singing as they shine, 'The hand that made us is divine.' MATTHEW

102 collocations for  rejoice