160 collocations for relaxes

The moment she believed someone else took her place she relaxed her hold.

They had some stiff fighting against a wily enemy, and not for a minute could they relax their vigilance.

In the meantime my men are not relaxing their efforts in this rather baffling case." "In which," Morriston suggested, "this new piece of evidence does not afford any useful clue.

Napoleon, on the part of France, saw the impolicy of such treatment, and when he became first consul, he hastened to abandon it; but England relaxed little or nothing.

Every man who had bet against him set up a howl of rapture, but Mr. P. never relaxed a muscle, and on went Creeping Peter, just as fast as ever, his horny bones dashing away the sand and gravel like spray from the cut-water of a scudding yacht, and, amid the wildest clamor, he shot past the judges' stand on his nose and one leg, making his mile in two minutes and two seconds!

There came a moment of desperate, confused struggle; and then, as the man lost his balance at last, he relaxed his grip quite suddenly, flinging him headlong over his shoulder.

I could hardly drag her up by one arm, especially if she would not relax her grasp.

It is perfectly clear that this wonderful organization rendered the whole system of government one great confederacy, in which the small proprietors, tenants, and villeins had not a chance of independence; and that their condition could only be ameliorated by those gradual changes which result from a long intercourse between the strong and the weak, in which power relaxes its severity and becomes protection.

AT HOME, there is none pleasanter than in such recreative enjoyments as those which relax the mind from its severer duties, whilst they stimulate it with a gentle delight.

She was tempted, as every other worker is, to relax her energies and to stay at home if the weather were bad, or if she were not feeling well; but instead of yielding, she would, if a bad headache came on, start off the earlier, that she might not lose the chance of a visit through the pain increasing.

"Get all the men you can muster; and never relax your exertions till you have made a wide and clear breach between the flames and their prey.

They relax the tension of body and mind, and introduce an element of pleasure into the routine of school life.

For the present, therefore, inasmuch as he knew that Cicero was released from the blockade, and thought that he might, on that account, relax his speed, he halted there and fortifies a camp in the most favourable position he can.

The shock of it made Donnegan relax his caution for an instant, and in that instant she came into the reach of the light.

Zuñiga relates that as early as the time of Lavezares, who was provisional governor between 1572 and 1575, he visited the Bisayas and checked the covetousness of the encomenderos, so that at least during his rule they relaxed their system of extortion.

Alfred now relaxed his watch, even if he did not withdraw with the main body of his army, leaving his horse to see that the terms of the treaty were performed, and to watch the Wareham camp until the departure of the pagan host.

He hurried us across the open meadows, and would not relax his pace till we were on a low wooded ridge with the young waters of the Rapidan running in a shallow vale beneath.

Say that you are joking!' The man relaxed his grim features, and his eyes puckered with amusement.

THE "WESTMINSTER REVIEW" The occupation of so much of my time by office work did not relax my attention to my own pursuits, which were never carried on more vigorously.

It not only affects the wind, but relaxes the nerves in a way to make them less vigorous for the coming contest.

Hitherto, therefore, nothing is discoverable in the conduct of France which ought to change or relax our measures of defense.

Striving to reach that flat-topped hill, My steeds, worn out, relaxed their strain; My driver also sank oppressed: I'll never see my lord again!

Even Mrs. Larkins relaxed her ancient hostility to Annette and opened her heart to present her with a basket of flowers.

He had almost relaxed his strength that little, last night, when he had been alone with Veronica.

Paul Gallico (A); 15Nov62; R303995. Relax your soul.

160 collocations for  relaxes