419 collocations for released

" A light tap at the door caused Eve to start and look embarrassed, like one detected in a fault, and Paul to release the hand that he had continued to hold during the brief dialogue.

Only when he felt the weight off them, as the sack touched bottom, did he release his hold.

After this victory, the Emperor marched from Peshawur, and investing the fort of Batandi, reduced it, releasing his prisoners upon the payment of a large ransom, and the further stipulation of an annual tribute, then returned to Ghazni.

The refusal to release servants at the sound of the jubilee trumpet, falsified and disannulled a grand leading type of the atonement, and thus libelled the doctrine of Christ's redemption.

Harris pulled the man he held by the arm close; then released his grip, but before the German could stagger away, seized him, too, by the throat.

" "And will you, as a favor to a neighbor and an old friend, do whatsoever you may toward releasing the unfortunate man?"

In vain Frank sought to release his arm so that he could bring the weapon down on his opponent's head.

Superman; release the week of Jan. 2, 1950.

When, therefore, the new-comer fearlessly laid his hand on an arm which could have killed him at a blow, and rather by gesture than by force released my captives, policy as well as instinct dictated submission.

If the King should bid me hasten to release thee from thy chain, Oh, believe me, dearest lady, he would never bid in vain; Naught he could demand were greater than the price that I would pay, If in high Alhambra's halls I once again could see thee gay!

He was, however, unable to displace the savage, or release his master from the perilous situation in which he was placed; and, owing to the manner in which Henrich had seated himself on the extreme verge of the rock that overhung the precipice, it was out of his power to spring to his feet, or offer any effectual resistance.

Relaxing but not releasing her grasp of my own hand, she felt about with her left till Esmo gently placed his own therein.

As it was Racey had contrived to pull Luke Tweezy partly from the saddle when Molly arrived and forced her defender to release his victim.

My companions were released the following spring, as I have since learnt, by the invading army of Great Britain; but it was my ill fortune (if, indeed, after what has since happened, I can so regard it) to be taken for an officer of high rank, and to be sent, the third day afterwards, far into the interior, that I might be more safely kept, and either used as a hostage or offered for ransom, as circumstances should render advantageous.

Why give the brains of my beloved children As serpent-food, and talk of doing justice?" At this bold speech the monarch was dismayed, And scarcely knowing what he did, released The blacksmith's sons.

[Sidenote:15] [At the request of the Marcomani, as expressed by their envoys and in view of the fact that they had followed all the injunctions laid upon them, even if sullenly and hesitatingly, he released to them one half of the adjoining territory, so that they could settle for a distance of about thirty-eight stades

Angelo would not but by my yielding to his dishonourable love release my brother; and after much debate within myself, my sisterly remorse overcame my virtue, and I did yield to him.

By constant repetition of this exercise he should be able finally to squeeze the trigger to a certain point beyond which the slightest movement will release the sear.

Some one, some time later, brought him water and gave him bread, releasing his wrists while he ate and fastening them again when he had finished.

" She released her fingers from his, drew out the hatpins from her hat, unwound the veil and threw them both on to the opposite seat.

He had demanded and obtained from the great towns, churches, and universities more than seven hundred declarations of support in his appeal to the future council, and an engagement to take no notice of the decree which might be issued by the pope to release the king's subjects from their oath of allegiance.

"Either pay thy debt as I have said, or release thy land and get thee gone from out my hall.

Somewhere well north or south of us the wind may be blowing in some other direction, tending to press up or release pressure; then again such sheets of open water as those through which we passed to the north afford space into which bodies of pack can be pushed.

I left before nine o'clock, but just before going I released the dog.

"And there's a big high cliff, too, with a little stream of water running down, and" But here Rudolf stopped, for Growler and Prowler rushed up, cut the strings of the three bags, and released the children from their imprisonment.

419 collocations for  released