237 collocations for relishes

I have said that we had plenty of powder and ball, but I did not relish the idea of shooting in the woods, for the noise would be a signal to our foes.

It was certainly a lovely little spot, as it now appears to my imagination; but when the landscape was new to me, I was in no humour to relish its beauties, and when my mind was more in a state to appreciate them, they had lost their novelty.

Wherever I am certain to find people living, I take no eatables with me, for I can content myself with whatever they live upon; if I do not relish their food, it is a sign that I have not any real hunger, and I then fast until it becomes so great that any kind of dish is acceptable.

I enjoyed her discomfiture; for she did not relish the thought that I should thus set at nought her advice and overturn her theory.

Mr. Walters looked as though he relished the prospect.

" "I didn't think the captain much relished the notion of being questioned about his son's feelin's, and visit up here, at a time like this," put in one of the Americans.

But in Liége, without the shadow of a doubt the best of all was the magnificent Burgundy which we drank there; perhaps we had never relished wine so much in our lives."

Johnson was indeed, as Boswell often calls him, 'a trueborn Englishman'so English that foreigners could neither understand him nor relish his Life.

Many who will not stand a direct reproof, and cannot abide to be plainly admonished of their fault, will yet endure to be pleasantly rubbed, and will patiently bear a jocund wipe; though they abominate all language purely bitter or sour, yet they can relish discourse having in it a pleasant tartness.

Of these days, and others on which I saw him, I have no memorials, except the general recollection of his being able and animated in conversation, and appearing to relish society as much as the youngest man.

On approaching the cutter they laid off until invited to come alongside; when they approached without the least alarm or hesitation, and made signs for something to eat; some biscuit was given to them which they ate and, unlike all other Australian savages, appeared to relish its taste.

Caldigate, without actually disbelieving all that had been said to him, did not relish the proposal.

I am persuaded that it is advisable to eat something nearly as soon as we rise, be it never so early; and if we can get nothing else for breakfast, and have not accustomed ourselves to relish a piece of good bread, or some other simple thing, which requires no labor of preparation, I think it perfectly proper to eat a small quantity of fruit.

We treated him with great respect, offering him no indignity, interfering with him in nothing; and yet the old fellow seemed very far from appreciating our politeness, or relishing our company.

"But you don't appear to relish the jest," rejoined Parravicin, sneeringly.

He relishes no meat but by the rate, and a high price is like sauce to it, that gives it a high taste and renders it savoury to his palate.

Where can you find many adults who would relish a meal which should consist entirely of plain bread, without any addition; of plain potatoes, without anything on them except a little salt; of a plain rice pudding, and nothing with it; or of plain baked or boiled apples or pears?

"There are some can't relish the town, and others can't away with the country."WAY

Like Michael Angelo, he despised frivolities, though it is said he relished rough jokes, like Abraham Lincoln.

You know you relish a good dinner of your own ordering far more than anybody's appreciation, even mine.

Cayenne-pepper, vinegar, and few home-made pickles, are also usually produced to relish the simple fare, which, served up twice a day, forms, with tea-water and the soopie, or dram of Cape brandy, the amount of their luxuries.

His appearance was greeted with a general laugh, for the spectators relished the humor of the caricature with infinite goût.

The wife of one who is to gain his livelihood by poetry, or by any labour (if any there be) equally exhausting, must either have taste enough to relish her husband's performances, or good-nature sufficient to pardon his infirmities.

Mehrman, whose head was by this time probably reminding him that there are 'lees to every cup,' did not seem to relish the humour.

For one thing, his men were getting sober and he saw they knew their job; then he was satisfied with his engines and relished the sense of control.

237 collocations for  relishes