13 collocations for rename

Culliford, , mutineer and pirate, succeeds Stent as commander of the Defence; renames her the Resolution; attacks the Dorrill, 50; promises submission to Warren; Kidd's dealings with; trial, condemnation and respite of.

Padraic Colum's playsThe Land and Broken Soil (the latter rewritten and renamed The Fiddler's House)are almost idyllic scenes of country life.

The new black leader, Dessalines, now proclaimed the colony's independence, renaming it Hayti, and in 1804 he crowned himself emperor.

He renamed his self after freedom.

"While we sit here and cackle like Asian birds, Commodus renames Rome the City of Commodus and still lives!"

He enlarged the pomerium and renamed the month called Sextilis, Augustus.

The Confederates at once took possession, raised the vessels, and out of one of them, a steamer called the Merrimac. made an ironclad ram, which they renamed the Virginia and sent forth to destroy the wooden vessels of the United States then assembled in Chesapeake Bay.

The DAHLIA, Dahlia; a few years since an attempt was made to rename this beautiful and extensive family and to call it Georgina, but it failed, and it is still better known throughout the world by its old name than the new.

Established the North Star, subsequently renamed Frederick Douglass's Paper.

Quantock Nettle, afterwards purchased by a gentleman in Wales and renamed Lexden Nettle.

At Waterbury (which there is some possibility of renaming Shorterbury)

Muriel and I, it seems, were taken merely in order to blind the shore-guards and Customs officials as to the real nature of the vessel, which when safely out of the Channel, was repainted and renamed the Lola, until her exterior presented quite a different appearance from the Iris.

But one day, for the sake of greater secrecy, it became necessary to rename all the units of the area, and the Literary Adviser suddenly found himself put to it to provide about three hundred new Code Names at once.

13 collocations for  rename