169 collocations for rends

All things that are violent have passed out of its life,no more strong emotions, such as rend the heart; no great labors, bringing after them the weariness which is unto death; but the calm of an existence which is enough for its needs, which affords the moderate amount of comfort and pleasure for which its being is now adapted, and of which there seems no reason that there should ever be any end.

I am rending the air and beating my breast on account of your obstinate preference for being always in the right.

shout and rend the skies, Bold archers shout amain Belsaye, Belsayearise, arise! PentavalonBeltane!"

Another Chief, followed by the voices of the assembly, repeated, in a low deep tone, which fell on our ears as distinctly as the loudest trumpet-note in the midst of absolute silence, the solemn imprecation "Who denies a brother's need, Who in will, or word, or deed, Breaks the Circle's bounded line, Rends the Veil that guards the Shrine, Lifts the hand to lips that lie, Fronts the Star with soothless eye:.

For when the Demon comes to bear me away, he will assuredly rend thee in pieces for being found in my company.

He lost his life, we are informed, by trying to rend with his hands an old oak, which wedged him in, and pressed him to death; the poet says "he met his end, Wedged in that timber which he strove to rend.

Hippolytus, unjustly slain, Diana calls to life in vain; Nor can the might of Theseus rend The chains of hell that hold his friend.

The King re-doubled his imprecations, and commands, tearing his hair and threatening to rend his garments, but wave after wave came rhythmically to shore, growing in size and speed, until the seventh wave, crested with foama pillow-case torn across and fastened with safety-pinscame crashing to her feet, amid thunderous applause.

One even now comes conquering Towards this house, sent by a southland king To fetch him four wild coursers, of the race Which rend men's bodies in the winds of Thrace.

Or should the Son by Rustem's falchion bleed, The father's horror at that fatal deed, Will rend his soul, and 'midst his sacred grief, Káús in vain will supplicate relief.

There followed the loud crack of rending wood as he broke the ruler passionately across his knee, putting forth all his strength, and the clatter of the falling fragments as he hurled them violently from him.

What sights I sawwhat sounds I heardman-groans and screams of women to rend high heaven and shake the throne of God, methinks.

"In which his torment often was so great, That like a lyon he would cry and rare, And rend his flesh, and his own synewes eat.

Exert your voice, ye furious fires That rend the watery cloud, And thunder to this nether world Your Maker's words aloud.

[Lat.]; aut vincer aut mori [Lat.]; la garde meurt et ne se rend pas

Verily, I wish Satan would rend you limb from limb, all of ye." "Go to!

Where is thy place of blissful rest? See'st thou thy lover lowly laid? Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast? That sacred hour can I forget, Can I forget the hallowed grove, Where by the winding Ayr we met To live one day of parting love?

Non, Monsieur, je suis chargé de sa part de vous assurer que la seule justice qu'elle rend à votre mérite la détermine.

The flower must rend its bonds toward the light.

And when he perceived no moving of him, he drew the curtain and seeing the dead body of Holofernes, without head, lying in his blood, cried with great voice, weeping and rending his clothes, and went in to the tabernacle of Judith and found her not, and started out to the people and said: A woman of the Hebrews hath made confusion in the house of Nebuchadnezzar, she hath slain Holofernes, and he is dead, and she hath his head with her.

On learning at last the truth they would tear their hair and rend their clothing, calling upon the lost by name as if they could hear anything and giving way to grief as if their friends were just dead and lying there somewhere.

Rather than not conquer, they will rend the country.

Non, Monsieur, je suis chargé de sa part de vous assurer que la seule justice qu'elle rend à votre mérite la détermine.

Praise, praise to Mahmud, who of like renown, In battle or the banquet, fills the throne; Lord of the realms of Chín and Hindústán, Sovereign and Lord of Persia and Túrán, With his loud voice he rends the flintiest ear; On land a tiger fierce, untouched by fear, And on the wave, he seems the crocodile That prowls amidst the waters of the Nile.

As if they would rend up the earth from its roots, Rush the flames to the sky Giant-high; And at length, Wearied out and despairing, man bows to their strength!

169 collocations for  rends