518 collocations for reporting

Every message the Turkish Commander received from his right must have reported progress against him.

Presently I thought I could see horses grazing in a distant bend of the river and I reported the fact to General Mills, who asked Captain Marsh if he could land the boat near a large tree which he pointed out to him.

He resolutely refused, and the Governor was obliged to report the case to the Emperor, as the old lady had made so many partisans in Mogador as to threaten a disturbance.

" As may be imagined, when the dux reported the result of his visit to head-quarters, the news created great excitement.

One of these days it may be its province to report a series for the international championship, and then Base Ball will have become the universal game of the world, a place toward which it is rapidly tending.

Illinois appellate reports advance sheets.

I was in two minds whether to report the whole matter to Captain Selover.

It had not so much as occurred to him that his mother would hear of the disaster to the pig and the railway-train until he himself should tell her; and so he had made sure of his supper down stairs before reporting his arrival.

Carleton had frequently reported the critical state of affairs in Canada.

Lucas had reported the whole thing to the head-master, and the latter had expressed his intention of inquiring into it on the following day.

They also reported continued successes in Bosnia.

In the meantime the barbarians despatched messengers to all parts and reported to their people the small number of our soldiers, and how good an opportunity was given for obtaining spoil and for liberating themselves for ever, if they should only drive the Romans from their camp.

" "And yet I think it singular a man of his habits should be rusticating among these hills, when I know that he is expected to look at the Canadas, with a view to report their actual condition at home.

I galloped hack to the command, distant about three miles, and reported the news to General Carr, who halted the regiment, and, after consulting a few minutes, ordered me to select a ravine, or as low ground as possible, so that he could keep the troops out of sight until we could strike the creek.

I shall also report your exemplary conduct to the commandant of midshipmen.

I don't believe I talked just so; but the fact is, in reporting one's conversation, one cannot help Blair-ing it up more or less, ironing out crumpled paragraphs, starching limp ones, and crimping and plaiting a little sometimes; it is as natural as prinking at the looking-glass.]

" "I shall have to report to London the whole occurrence, as British subjects are under suspicion," Hutcheson said.

The phonograph reported every word uttered to hundreds of distant offices.

Then one of the staff reported a speech Tyler had made when his troops rushed over the empty rebel breastworks and forts around Centreville.


From the newspapers, report on Monday the principal proceedings of the previous week.

The committee have reported no resolution looking to an impeachment against me; no resolution of censure; not even a resolution pointing out any abuses in any of the Executive Departments of the Government to be corrected by legislation.

Mary Hemingway (W); 25Mar64; R336555. Hemingway reports Spain.

On May 19th Mr. Stutchbury officially reported the discovery of gold in workable quantities at Summer Hill Creek, and by the end of the same month the immigration to the diggings had begun.

Beauregard reported a total loss of 10,699, of whom 1,728 were killed, 8,012 wounded and 957 missing.

518 collocations for  reporting