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518 collocations for  reporting

518 collocations for reporting

Every message the Turkish Commander received from his right must have reported progress against him.

Presently I thought I could see horses grazing in a distant bend of the river and I reported the fact to General Mills, who asked Captain Marsh if he could land the boat near a large tree which he pointed out to him.

He resolutely refused, and the Governor was obliged to report the case to the Emperor, as the old lady had made so many partisans in Mogador as to threaten a disturbance.

" As may be imagined, when the dux reported the result of his visit to head-quarters, the news created great excitement.

One of these days it may be its province to report a series for the international championship, and then Base Ball will have become the universal game of the world, a place toward which it is rapidly tending.

Illinois appellate reports advance sheets.

I was in two minds whether to report the whole matter to Captain Selover.

It had not so much as occurred to him that his mother would hear of the disaster to the pig and the railway-train until he himself should tell her; and so he had made sure of his supper down stairs before reporting his arrival.

Carleton had frequently reported the critical state of affairs in Canada.

Lucas had reported the whole thing to the head-master, and the latter had expressed his intention of inquiring into it on the following day.

They also reported continued successes in Bosnia.

In the meantime the barbarians despatched messengers to all parts and reported to their people the small number of our soldiers, and how good an opportunity was given for obtaining spoil and for liberating themselves for ever, if they should only drive the Romans from their camp.

" "And yet I think it singular a man of his habits should be rusticating among these hills, when I know that he is expected to look at the Canadas, with a view to report their actual condition at home.

I galloped hack to the command, distant about three miles, and reported the news to General Carr, who halted the regiment, and, after consulting a few minutes, ordered me to select a ravine, or as low ground as possible, so that he could keep the troops out of sight until we could strike the creek.

I shall also report your exemplary conduct to the commandant of midshipmen.

I don't believe I talked just so; but the fact is, in reporting one's conversation, one cannot help Blair-ing it up more or less, ironing out crumpled paragraphs, starching limp ones, and crimping and plaiting a little sometimes; it is as natural as prinking at the looking-glass.]

" "I shall have to report to London the whole occurrence, as British subjects are under suspicion," Hutcheson said.

The phonograph reported every word uttered to hundreds of distant offices.

Then one of the staff reported a speech Tyler had made when his troops rushed over the empty rebel breastworks and forts around Centreville.


From the newspapers, report on Monday the principal proceedings of the previous week.

The committee have reported no resolution looking to an impeachment against me; no resolution of censure; not even a resolution pointing out any abuses in any of the Executive Departments of the Government to be corrected by legislation.

Mary Hemingway (W); 25Mar64; R336555. Hemingway reports Spain.

On May 19th Mr. Stutchbury officially reported the discovery of gold in workable quantities at Summer Hill Creek, and by the end of the same month the immigration to the diggings had begun.

Beauregard reported a total loss of 10,699, of whom 1,728 were killed, 8,012 wounded and 957 missing.

To prevent this army from being further strengthened the British began to thrust at the German line north of La Bassรฉe, and besides reporting the capture of the village of Neuve Chapelle, they advanced beyond that town.

TEMPORARY NORTH EASTERN REPORTER DIGEST; including cases reported in volumes 156 to 165 North eastern reporter.

One of Deacon Pratt's neighbours had undertaken, for a consideration, to let the progress of events be known, and tidings were sent by every opportunity, reporting the movements of the schooner, and the prospects of her getting to sea.

I report this incident fully because the behavior of Jimmie was in marked contrast with the usual behavior of the monkeys.

Committees have several times reported a bill, and that of M. Dussaussoy giving all women a vote for Municipal, District, and General Councils was reported with full parliamentary suffrage added.

A Portuguese boatswain asked me who I was, and later reported my presence to LeVere, who had charge of the deck, but the only result was my being set at polishing the gun mounted on the forecastle.

However, I managed to escape, and on reporting my failure to Ramani Babu, he sent me in charge of a Barkamdรบz (guard) to Paliti, which is ten coss (20 miles) away.

Paulina had falsely reported to the king the death of Hermione, thinking that the only means to preserve her royal mistress's life; and with the good Paulina Hermione had lived ever since, never choosing Leontes should know she was living, till she heard Perdita was found; for though she had long forgiven the injuries which Leontes had done to herself, she could not pardon his cruelty to his infant daughter.

Johnson reported his action to Boswell, as follows: "I looked into it and saw its merit; told the landlady I should soon return; and having gone to a bookseller, sold it for sixty pounds.

Colonel Pemberton, their C.O., came down to report the men all right, and asked for no relief till the morning when they could be brought back to their transport.

The Kathayans of Ulug-Beg, here mentioned, were probably Chinese astronomers in the service of that prince, sent on the present occasion to ascertain and report the geographical circumstances of the journey.

In great excitement the officer reported the situation to the judge, who ordered Mr. Tutt to the bar.

Their first move was, as it must be, to report their return to the officer in charge.

At daylight I jumped on old Brigham and rode to Fort Hays, when I reported the affair to the commanding officer; Captain Graham and Lieutenant Emmick were at once ordered out with their company of one hundred colored troops, to pursue the Indians and recover our stock if possible.

What would have been the indignant response of Grayson, Griffin, Madison, and the Lees, in the Congress of '87, to such a resolution, and of Carrington, Chairman of the Committee, who reported the ratification of the ordinance in the Congress of '89, and of Page and Parker, who with every other member of the Virginia delegation supported it?

" "I am directed," he answered, "to see this vessel, to inspect your machinery and instruments, and to report thereon to the Suzerain.

Elliott shorter shorthand: easy, legible, rapid, reporting style of writing.

Now the Romans at home were not ignorant of anything that had taken place in spite of the fact that his despatches did not contain the truth; for he concealed all his unpleasant experiences and some of them he described as just the opposite, making it appear that he was progressing famously: but, for all that, rumor reported the truth and Caesar and his circle investigated it carefully and discussed it.

" After more than a month's deliberation this committee reported its plan, embodied in what is called articles of confederation.

By pretending to report to Commodus the private doings of Pertinax and a number of other important people, Cornificia had undermined Commodus' faith in his secret informers who might else have been dangerous.

He will enter in the guard report a report of his tour of duty and, on the completion of his tour, will present it to the officer of the day.

The south knew also that the sixth article in the ordinance prohibiting slavery was first proposed by the largest slaveholding state in the confederacythat the chairman of the committee that reported the ordinance was a slaveholderthat

Were it his lot to report events on the Day of Judgment, I believe the Argus account would be thought too highly colored by many persons of good taste.

One of the men who had been outside soon came back and reported a decided improvement in the weather.

She had reported the crime to the Vicar, and the Vicar had lodged a formal complaint with Sir Beverley, who had soundly caned the delinquent in his presence, and given him half a sovereign as soon as the clerical back had been turned for taking the punishment like a man.

They should promptly report their trouble to the surgeon, that they may receive the best medical advice and attention.

He will at once report to the commander of the guard any violation of regulations or any unusual occurrence which is reported to him by a sentinel, or which comes to his notice in any other way.

I am not going to write the History of La Pucelle: to do this, or even circumstantially to report the history of her persecution and bitter death, of her struggle with false witnesses and with ensnaring judges, it would be necessary to have before us all the documents, and, therefore, the collection only now forthcoming in Paris.

ti: American law reports cumulative index to annotations and digest of cases.

"Every time the skipper of one of these wandering trade ships gets a speck in his eye, he reports an island.

Of course she could not baldly question him in such a matter; and the simple explanation of a little note of thanks with a returned book, or the leaf which reported impressions from its reading tucked in between the pages occurred to her perturbed mind.


More recently still, during this last winter, the game warden of Washington reports the finding of the carcasses of nineteen elk, killed for their tusks.

I agreed to his suggestion, little realizing that the people he suggested I meet would make their own suggestions about other people I should meet and when I would report this information to Bing, he would insist that I go and meet them as well.

At the end of the year he reported ninety members.

This fellow reported the following particulars, as they re-reported to me: 'She indeed went towards Hendon, passing by the sign of the Castle on the Heath; then, stopping, looked about her, and down into the valley before her.

On the other side the Admiralty reported 102 German ships, with a total tonnage of 200,000, detained in British ports since the outbreak of the war; while 88 German ships, of an aggregate tonnage of 338,000, had been captured since hostilities began.

April 16Italy has 1,200,000 men mobilized under arms; Austrians report complete defeat of Russians in Carpathian campaign.

He may be required to report all other details called for.

He reported the country as superior for thirty miles to any they had yet seen, but beyond that limit lay brushwood and monotonous plains.

Determined to do something to bring in money, I have mastered the savage mystery of shorthand, and make a respectable income by reporting the debates in Parliament for a morning newspaper.

Concluding that he ought to bring before Carthage everything which could increase the consternation already existing there, after sending Laelius to Rome to report his victory, he ordered Cneius Octavius to conduct the legions thither by land, and setting out himself from Utica with the fresh fleet of Lentulus added to his former one, made for the harbor of Carthage.

Soon afterwards they were speeding due west, with Jack gluing his eyes to his glasses and reporting every few minutes fresh signs of vast importance.

A part of his duties was to visit lunatic asylums and other places where these patients were confined, with a view to report to the authorities his opinion of the patients' mental condition.

Jack kept using the glasses and reported his observations to the busily engaged pilot.

After much persuasion, I succeeded in having her removed to a cooler one, and she recovered, contrary to the predictions of the female attendant, who reported the daily changes to a celebrated doctor here.

Mariners report strange stories of a prodigiously large bird like an eagle, called Ruch, said to be found in this country.

SPIFFKINS used to report fires, murders, and police doings generally in a quiet and genteel manner, and by the Superintendent of Police he was as much beloved for the goodness of his heart as he was by the city editor for the goodness of his grammar.

Their scouts came in to report some items of information.

Further they believed the latter constellation to be the more aggressive of the two, and formally reported these convictions to the Belgian Government.

The War Office, and the account of the action in the newspapers, reported his injuries as severe; but a telegram from Peter himself brought relief, and even rejoicing, to Barracombe "Shot in the arm.

The greater proportion of the mines then being worked Mr. Ogilvie found to be on the Canadian side of the international boundary line, but he reported the existence of some mining fields to the south, the exact position of which with respect to the boundary he did not have the opportunity to fix.

German papers of August 15th reported this official version, and four days later a proclamation was issued by State Secretary Dr. Delbrรผck, calling upon all persons who had been ill-treated in Belgium to report themselves, so that the "numerous" newspaper reports could be confirmed or refuted.

I do not know, however, but that we ought to appoint a committee to examine them; for perhaps all the boys would not be honest, and report their desks as they really are.

In this trip Mr. Turner accompanied me to keep the lists, and Dr. Douglass to vaccine the Indians, the latter of whom reported 214 persons as having submitted to receive the virus.

Scott reports one other scene, at which respectable commentators, like Croker, hold up their hands in horror.

"Nothing," reported the captain.

They were sent through the shires to see that justice was done, and to report the decisions of the county courts.

Let our civil and military officers consult, and report to us the best mode of causing the foreign troops to retire, without yielding up the princess to propitiate them.

It was about this time that Hunnicott reported the sale of the Gaston lots at a rather fancy cash figure, and the money came in good play.

I but report what thy Instructress Friend

An uncle of his had been wrecked there, and had reported the passage as the most dangerous one he had ever encountered.

The greater proportion of the mines then being worked Mr. Ogilvie found to be on the Canadian side of the international boundary line, but he reported the existence of some mining fields to the south, the exact position of which with respect to the boundary he did not have the opportunity to fix.

The alcalde reported the outrages of the pirates by every post to Manila, as well as the great injury done to trade, and spoke of the duty of the [No protection from Government.]

It was he who had reported to the magistrate the visit of De Witt and the placing of the packet in a cabinet.

A victim reported his adventures in another Leipzig paper: "I have just read your article admonishing the 'hot-heads' to keep cool.

He simply reported my refusal to Doctor Jekyll.

These Stonies report mountain sheep as still to be found in all of the mountain country they roam in.

They made signals to the people on board by means of fire, and a boat was sent to inquire their purpose; and having convinced the boats crew that they, were Christians, by rehearsing the Lords prayer, Ave Maria, and creed, and these people having reported an account of them to the captain, of the ship, boats were sent back to bring them, on board.

In a country of the area of India, inhabited by a superstitious, secretive and ignorant population, it is impossible to compel the natives to report accidents and deaths, particularly among the Brahmins, who burn instead of bury their dead.

An Athenian embassy was sent to Rome to report the attack made by Philip on an ancient ally of the Romans; and, from the way in which the senate received it, Philip saw clearly what awaited him; so that he at once, in the very spring of 554, directed Philocles, his general in Greece, to lay waste the Attic territory and to reduce the city to extremities.

No American will report his own misdeeds to his own Government, nor can the Japanese bring them to our notice except through a government agent.

He reports marks on the lock as if somebody had been trying to pick it before him.

Captain Simonton reports the payment of the annuity, amounting to $1,700, due to the Ottawas of Maumee, Ohio.

As her personal relations with Frederic Hoff and her feelings toward him had in no way affected her sense of duty she felt that it was unnecessary for her to report the declaration of love he had made to her.