109 collocations for reposes

"He reposes entire confidence in me," said Beaumaroy, with a touch of assumed pompousness.

He had made a sort of religion of suppressing the fact that he was a prince; the holy of holies of this cult was the fact that he was a prince who sought to do good to his neighbora prince in whom one might repose trust.

On Sunday the 25th of July, 1593, clad not in helmet and cuirass and burnished steel, as at Ivry, but in a doublet of white satin, and a velvet coat ornamented with jewels and orders and golden fleurs de lis, and followed by cardinals and bishops and nobles, he entered the venerable Abbey of St. Denis, where reposed the ashes of all his predecessors, from Dagobert to Henry III, and was received into the bosom of the Catholic Church.

He bade him repose his tired limbs on Uncas' deserted couch; and while Henrich lay on the bed of soft grass covered with deer skins, that occupied one corner of the hut, the Indian youth busied himself in preparing an evening repast for his guest.

When she could accomplish nothing, she feigned to change her mind and to repose great hope in him, as well as great hope in Livia.

"Sorrow breaks reasons, and reposing hours; Makes the night morning, and the noon-tide night.

Here repose the head and half the body of Sir Nicholas Bacon (1579), Lord Keeper of the Great Seal in the reign of Elizabeth, and father of Francis, Lord Bacon.

Cruel, cruel, treacherous abbess! pursued she; Is this the fruits of all your boasted sanctity!This the return to the confidence the generous du Plessis reposed in you!This your love and friendship to me!Does heaven, to increase the number of its votaries, require you to be false, perfidious, and injurious to the world!

Nothing more occurs just now; so I will leave you, in mercy, one small white spot empty below, to repose your eyes upon, fatigued as they must be with the wilderness of words they have by this time painfully travelled through.

The brief narrative had reference to a very large and very valuable oval gem enclosed in the substance of a golden chalice, which chalice, in the monastery of St. Edmundsbury, had once lain centuries long within the Loculus, or inmost coffin, wherein reposed the body of St. Edmund.

A square, somewhat less than a mile each way, was pegged out with poles, and the Maghrabi astrologers, in whom Moizz reposed extravagant faith, consulted together to determine the auspicious moment for the opening ceremony.

" Here paused the Goddess,on HYGEIA'S shrine Obsequious Gnomes repose the lyre divine; 475 Descending Sylphs relax the trembling strings, And catch the rain-drops on their shadowy wings.

The body, after lying embalmed and in state for ten days in the College of Physicians, was buried with great pomp in Westminster Abbey, where now, between the graves of Chaucer and Cowley, reposes the dust of Dryden.

The Cordiall that you tooke requires rest: For healths sake, good my Lord, repose your selfe.

You could not repose your sorrows in a more sympathetic bosom than my own.

Upon a small marble-topped table reposed an immense family Bible.

No white-robed angels floated by On slow, reposing wings; I only saw, with inward eye, Some very common things.

On a chair reposed a chimney-pot hat that would have been pronounced faultless on the "continong," but was unknown, except among impresarios, on Broadway.

"I am not afraid to die," said she, "for what have I to bind me to life now that I can never visit the spot where repose the shattered fragments of my beloved Capitaine Guilbert?

Their cottage adjoined the Friends' burial-ground; and just on the other side of the wall reposed the remains of Frances Yeardley, on the site formerly occupied by the meeting-house.

There, stretched languidly upon those piles of velvet cushions, reposes the luxurious, jewelled, tiara-crowned city, like Cleopatra on her couch.

Be no unpleasing melancholy mine: Me, let the tender office long engage, To rock the cradle of reposing age, With lenient arts extend a mother's breath, Make languor smile, and smooth the bed of death, Explore the thought, explain the asking eye, And keep awhile one parent from the sky!

" She pointed to a small oaken bookstand which stood slightly in advance of the more imposing shelves in which reposed the portentous volumes of newspaper clippings and photographs which constituted Crewe's "Rogues' Library.

God knows how such minds are constituted: for my part, when some consolatory illusion restores me to freedom, I associate with it no idea of positive pleasure, but long for a sort of intermediate state, which may repose my harassed faculties, and in which mere comfort and security are portrayed as luxuries.

Need I repeat that in me you will find a friend of philosophic partiality and undue influence to repose your confidential secrets in?" Verty sighed.

109 collocations for  reposes